We have another night of So You Think You Can Dance 2014 auditions and it looks like these dancers are going to be bringing the sex appeal and getting Nigel Lythgoe all in a tizzy on SYTYCD 2014! We are into Week 3 on So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 and we have seen some great dancers take the stage already, but we should have even more tonight and two more dance crews introduced by Justin Bieber. Check out the SYTYCD Season 11 auditions tonight with us during our So You Think You Can Dance 2014 Live Recap below and watch with us!

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Last week on So You Think You Can Dance Season 11, the dancers were showing off their great moves. We got to see Day 1 in Los Angeles, which happened to bring out many alumni to watch from the audience, including Season 10 winner Fik-Shun and Cyrus! They kept it very entertaining and even joined some of the dancers up on the stage! The standout of the night, for me, had to be Jaja Vankova! She takes on an animation/crump routine and blows my mind with her moves. She knows that this is a style normally taken on my guys, but you could see why she performs it…amazing!

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So You Think You Can Dance 2014 auditions start soon, so follow along with out Live Recap below!


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Here we go…we see Christina Applegate back at the panel for Day 2 in Los Angeles. Let’s do this!

Serge Onik and Alla Kocherga – Apparently she is an amazing twerker. He made it to the Green Mile during Season 10, but was cut at the very end but his partner then made the Top 20 and he is back at it again! They are beyond amazing ballroom dancers and their chemistry is very good together. It is a very sexy start to the show! The judges send them to the next round!

Timothy Joseph – he can do a lot of backflips and was flipping over cars outside! Sure, he flipped all around that dance floor and did a bunch of tricks, but can he dance any other styles? He is literally beating himself up out there and flinging himself all over the place! The judges send him to choreography, but he hurt himself during the solo routine and now must decide if he should keep trying or hang it up for Season 11!

Casey Askew – He is a contemporary dancer and Nigel wants to know how he gets his hair up that high! I knew he would be an amazing dancer, as he has that look about him. He looks like a dancer and has some great lines and I love a good contemporary dancer on SYTYCD 2014! No doubts about it, as he gets his ticket to the next round!

J-4 – He claims to be 18 1/2 years old, but he doesn’t look it. He is actually nine years old and came here for the experience. He is a hip-hop dancer and is joined on stage by Fik-Shun and Cyrus! How cool is this? He is beyond adorable and does such a good job up there and holds his on and so entertaining!

Jourdan Epstein – She is dedicating this dance to her brother. He got heavy into drugs and alcohol and she felt she lost her brother, but he is in rehab now and sober and she feels like she has her brother back and glad she can express her feelings through dance. She is a great dancer and gets on the tips of her toes so well! The judges loved her and send her to the next round!

“Johnny Waacks” Gibson – He was shown in Season 9 and he is a dancer of whacking. The judges had a good laugh back then and now he is back with more experience and he feels he is more serious, but the laughs continue tonight! To me, this is no different than a drag queen performing without the makeup! Entertaining, but not a dancer! The judges were captivated and want to see what else he can do, so he goes to choreography.

Malene Ostergaard and Armen Way – Dance has always been her passion and she moved to Hong Kong and got a new partner who was rough on her and she could not be herself, so she went into a depression mode. She got over it eventually and moved to the United States. He made it to Vegas last season, but dropped his partner and was dropped from the show! They found each other and found happiness! The sex appeal is back from these two and they told that story during their routine! The judges send them to the next round!

CHOREOGRAPHY ROUND: Timothy Joseph followed medic’s advice and did not participate. The others danced and Johnny Waacks got the steps down and got his ticket to Los Angeles Callbacks! Day 2 is done and 18 more tickets were handed out! Now off to Philadelphia! Mary and Nigel will be joined by Misty Copeland for the auditions tonight!

Bridget Whitman – She has three brothers and is the only girl, so she was Daddy’s little girl and a princess. When she was 12 years old, her Dad was killed in a car accident with her two brothers, but they survived! He was the ultimate stage Dad and her biggest fan, so this is a tough one. She has put in the work and this was a great one and Mary is in tears, as am I! What a great performance and she is headed to the callbacks!

Amir Sanders – She is 21 years old and is doing ballet, even though she doesn’t look like a typical ballerina and she likes breaking that stereotype. She was clumsy and falling as a kid, so her mother put her in dance classes and she wants to be like Misty now! I loved her style and she is not a typical ballerina, but it is great! They are impressed, but send her to choreography!

Landon Anderson – He brought Jenna Johnson with him, who is his partner and she made it to the Top 10 on SYTYCD Season 10! he was not old enough to make it last season and promised to come back and audition with him. He is a very strong dancer and a greta partner, but he makes these awkward faces at times and it annoys me! The judges loved him and thought he was great and he gets his ticket to the next round and Jenna gets asked back as an All Star this season!

We are back with Justin Bieber and Nick DeMoura introduce two more dance crews for tonight. Do you think SYTYCD producers are regretting picking Justin to do this, especially with all his drama lately in the news? Up tonight are Wanted Ashiqz (vote for them by tweeting #SYTYCDwanted) and Mix’d Elements (vote for them by tweeting #SYTYCDmixd).

Shafeek Westbrook – He auditioned during Season 9 and made it to Las Vegas, but was cut and had a terrible attitude. He got upset and was swearing and said he would never be back. I guess he lied, huh? He feels he has become the best dancer he can be and he is practicing meditation and calm now! He is a great dancer and good at his style, but can he learn the other styles and not throw a hissy fit this season? He gets sent to choreography!

CHOREOGRAPHY ROUND: Day 1 came to an end and time to see who else makes it through. Both Shafeek and Amir got a ticket to the callbacks, which made it a total of 18 tickets handed out for Day 1 in Philly! For Day 2 of the auditions, Mary and Nigel were joined by Billy Porter.

Stanley Glover – His mother was a cheerleading coach and remembers going to practice with her at three years old. When he was four years old, she passed away from a heart attack in her sleep and he found her the next morning. His father never showed up at the court date to get guardianship, so one of his mother’s best friend became his guardian and filled his life with love. He has good dance moves and tells a story, but it is a little freaky at the same time! He gets a ticket to the callbacks!

James “Banks” Davis – He feels like every dancer has a story to tell. Four years ago, he was showing off for some girls and dancing and their boyfriend started shooting and he got shot twice in the knee! Well, I guess that is a story, huh? I feel he has a great story to tell during his performance, but his dancing isn’t as strong as other krumpers we have seen on So You Think You Can Dance 2014! They send him to choreography.

CHOREOGRAPHY ROUND: I guess Philly didn’t have much to offer the show for Day 2, as we quickly make it to the choreography round. James did not make it through, but 11 dancers did make it through to the callbacks!

We are done with the So You Think You Can Dance 2014 auditions tonight. Who was your favorite?

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