It was another night of So You Think You Can Dance 2014 auditions last night and we wrapped things up in Los Angeles. Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy were joined by Christina Applegate for Day 2 in L.A. and the amazing dancers continued to pour into the auditorium on SYTYCD 2014. So many good dancers and emotional stories to go with them, like that of Jourdan Epstein. She showed those emotions with her audition on SYTYCD Season 11 last night. Check it out below in our So You Think You Can Dance 2014 spoilers!

So You Think You Can Dance 2014 Spoilers - Week 3 Auditions Preview 14

She is dedicating this dance to her brother. He got heavy into drugs and alcohol and she felt she lost her brother, but he is in rehab now and sober and she feels like she has her brother back and glad she can express her feelings through dance. She is a great dancer and gets on the tips of her toes so well! A great routine and I want to see more from her on SYTYCD 2014!

Christina said she is so captivating and beautiful and her technique is extraordinaire. Mary said this is insane and she is amazing and she has been waiting for someone like her and she was telling a story up there. No words from Nigel, but just hands over her ticket to the next round on So You Think You Can Dance 2014!

Check out the Jourdan Epstein audition on So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 here:

What do you think her chances of being named the winner of So You Think You Can Dance 2014 are?

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