As hard as it may be to believe, Bret Michaels went from being an awesome project manger, to having his head on the chopping block in 2 short weeks! I didn’t wanna see Sinbad go, cuz I think he’s funny and brought something to the show, but I couldn’t believe Bret was even being discussed as a person to fire!

Yes I’m biased to Bret Michaels and Sharon Osbourne…I’ll put that right out there, but come on now, you can see it coming right up 5th avenue!! Bret IS going to be thrown under the bus! He’s almost an easy target! Which doesn’t seem fair, but I think Bret is a gamer and I think he’s good in defense of himself, although I think he’s been a little too reserved! He needed to DROP the gloves and be like, “Let’s get it on!”

Have these celebs not seen this show before? Have they ever seen ANY vote off type reality shows? I’m almost shocked to see how everyone’s trying to be so nicey nice! We’ve all seen the wrong person get fired so many times on The Apprentice, haven’t we? All it takes is for Trump to hear a certain something he doesn’t like and BAM! FIRED! LOL….

The girls won, but not by much..I’ve about HAD IT already with Cyndi! I mean come on already, is that her thing? Whenever in crisis sing a song? One of your OWN songs? How vain is that btw? She just seems to be sooo annoying! After she sings “She-Bop” next week, I think she too, is an easy target for the girls!

I love Sharon to death but Sharon, darling…please put some damn gloves on, or at the very least break out the hand sanitizer! LOL…how gross was that?

So week 2 rundown? I’m digging Goldberg, Bret and I was bummed to see Sinbad go, although he was right the right choice, no? If I were in the boardroom I may have tried to get rid of Rod just based on overall gameplay, not just the single task…it seems they kinda forget about things, as far the big picture, but maybe it’s a little early….I think Bret’s a gamer and truly wants to win! If there’s ever a Celebrity edition of Big Brother, I think he’d be a GREAT player!

For the girls, of course I like Sharon and Maria, with the exception of that stupid looking red thing on her head last night! What was that? I was thinking some sort of hat, but maybe it was something blowing in the wind that got stuck on her head…I couldn’t figure it out but YUCK!! I don’t like Cyndi and pretty much don’t have an opinion of the rest…yet anyway!

One thing’s for sure…I’m happy to be on the side of tons of girlie girls, who are fans of Bret’s and say, “Go Bret!”…lol..

At least so far…

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