X Factor USA judges

The X Factor 2012 season premiere has hit FOX and the reviews are good so far for the debut of new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato. You know FOX is looking forward to having some fun with Britney when they even give her her own “mean judge” montage scene.

It wasn’t just all about the judges either. There was lots of great talent on stage.

X Factor fansite XFactorNetwork.com recapped tonight’s premiere episode and highlighted several of the standout singers:

Reed Demming: The 13-year-old Justin Bieber lookalike (actually I didn’t thin he looked like Beebs, but everyone else did) was a bundle of nerves at first. After Simon stopped him and asked him to pick a different song, he did a much better job. He wasn’t exactly my favorite of the night. He actually left me wanting to gasp for air. But the judges loved him and he got four yeses.

Jennel Garcia: I was a little nervous when she took the stage. I thought we were in for a gag audition, but then she started singing and it was amazing! She has this little feisty rocker edge. She seems a bit too young for such sexy moves, but I think I’m growing more old-fashioned every year. I thought she was fantastic. Hope she goes all the way.

The fun doesn’t stop here either though. We’ll get another show with Simon, LA, Demi, and Britney on Thursday night with the second episode of the season.