You gotta give it to Rupert! The guy loves the game! Love him or hate him, the guy pulled a fast one! Some players would have given up at that point, thinking about what they’re going to eat later that night, instead of how to “Survive” the game!

Rupert’s trick of throwing the rock in his pocket absolutely worked! It was like dangling a steak in front of a tiger..Russell couldn’t fall for it any faster! ! LOL..I think it threw Russell for a loop, took the heat off Rupert, and in the end, Candice walked the ramp out of the game at Tribal council #1 because of it!

Isn’t that a cool thing to see? I think it was a crucial mistake for Candice last week not to side with the Heroes and tonight because of Ruperts trick, she paid hard! Again, sweet move Rupert..even if it was done out of pure frustration on his part!

I liked the 2nd challenge more than the can get a really good recap from Ashley and her blog Survivor 20 :Episode Recap 12 at Survivor Fandom!

I thought the 2nd challenge was pretty cool, and I was surprised to see Russell win it, but not too shocked..It doesn’t seem like he’s in danger too much anymore, but the immunity necklace etches that in least for this week!

The alliance of Russell, Parvati, and Danielle started taking a nose dive..I thought it was hilarious when Russell was trying to convince Parvati not to tell Danielle and she wasn’t going for it! It’s not many times when people go against Russell like that..usually they fall for it and his tactics work! A true bucking of the heads!

In the end, it did work in his favor but I give a lot of the credit for that to Danielle herself! For not handling the situation, and basically falling apart, instead of sticking to her much for her “aggressive” gameplay huh Russell? lol..

She let her emotions get the best of her and made a classic mistake in Survivor by taking it personal, rather than staying focused on her game! That’s Survivor 101, no? I think she did do some damage to Russell, but way more damage to herself..too bad someone couldn’t have put their hand over her mouth, like her flame that got snuffed! See ya Danielle!

Next week it looks like maybe the boys team up..If so, will that really work?