On the heels of reports of the recovery of Bret Michaels and the bigtime ratings surge on “The Celebrity Apprentice”, I was anxiously awaiting my current favorite show! In the end, I asked myself, “What is this? The week that people let their own mouth do them in? 1st Danielle on Survivor, now Cyndi?” I’m sure Holly would have brought up that she picked the red paint and gave approval anyway, but if you’re Cyndi, then let HOLLY say that! I certainly didn’t mind seeing Cyndi leave though! I said before that she was the shows “Thorn in the side”..the person that would just NOT leave, or hear the words, “You’re Fired!” but tonight, that’s exactly what happened!

The episode started with Cyndi once again getting across the gay agenda..Ok, Cyndi, we GET IT!! You love the gays, they love you..wonderful! However, I didn’t like the swipe at potheads Cyndi! LOL..What is that? She downs one cause to benefit hers? Which is a totally different thing, BTW! She’s trying to compare apples and bowling balls!

Trump tells the teams to switch Bret and Curtis, so now Maria and Sharon who’ve openly admitted to not liking Curtis, are forced to work with him! Leave it to Trump huh! He tells them the task and they set off to do their apartments. Right away, Sharon pairs off with Curtis, leaving Maria to do the little things, which kinda surprised me, and this is probably the first thing I’ve seen this season from Sharon, that I didn’t like! Sharon, how rude!!! I actually felt a little bad for Maria!

Sharon and Curtis proceeded to go “shopping” and ended up getting like $140,000 worth of stuff given to them! Go Sharon! LOL..And it was a great idea to call and get help to paint the apartment, but what happened? They came back the next day to find pretty much nothing done!

On Tenacity’s side of the world, Holly appointed Cyndi to one room, basically to keep her occupied and let’s be honest, to keep Cyndi from being a pain in the ass! LOL…Bret had to leave to do a concert, which even though Bret’s my man, I do NOT like when these people keep leaving the show! I don’t think it’s asking too much for these Celebs to clear their schedule while shooting a network show! Geez people! But if no one else gets penalized for leaving, then Bret shouldn’t neither!

He came back, did some grunt labor and the pictures..which to me, his pictures were the highlight of the apartment! I know Cyndi got all kinds of credit, but I think that was just because the rest of the place was so-so..and how funny was that when Sharon predicted Holly’s theme? That rocked!

Enter the boardroom..it was no surprise to me when Rock Solid SLAM dunked a victory! So happy to see Sharon win! Yay! I was also glad to see her say she was wrong about Curtis, and how sometimes she runs her mouth, then has to apologize..see people? THAT’S what someone does when they’re a good person! They admit they were wrong! Is that so hard to do?

After the lovefest known as Rock Solid left the room, it was unbelievably ANOTHER close call for Bret! I’m looking at the screen like WTF? How is he in danger?? Cuz he’s too damn nice! Yep..you can be TOO nice sometimes! They should all know by now, Trump is the ultimate instigator! And I thought I was going to have to lose my mind if Bret got fired! It had to be Cyndi or Holly! That was an easy one between those two! Bret had to get a little heated at the end, and brought up the main point that Cyndi did one room, while they did four or five!

But once again, the rocker Bret, is under the gun..and SHUTUP Mr. Corporate America over there, “Oh I’d fire Bret, blah blah blah”..yeah you would Mr. suit and tie guy!! Typical! When the dust settled, it was Cyndi doing the backseat confessional..asking, “We’ll see how they do without me”..Umm, I think they’ll do just FINE without you Cyndi!

In closing, we seen the previews from next week..as with all the spring time reality shows, this one’s coming to a close! Next week will start with an immediate firing! The remaining four, will be interviewed by Joan Rivers and Bill Rancic, then Trump will fire two more and we’ll have our final two..Can the Bret Michaels express keep rolling?

Killer K