For all you Robin Roberts fans out there, you will have to wait a little bit longer before you see Robin Roberts on Good Morning America. Her return as co-host of GMA is expected to be as late as May 2013 or even June 2013. Don’t fret though, she is moving along as scheduled with her treatments, but as a precaution they want to keep her out of the office and focused on her health, which I think is a very good choice. Good Morning America wants her back for the ratings boost she will bring, but I’m sure her health is more of a concern for the network executives at GMA.

Back in June, Robin Roberts announced on Good Morning America that she had MDS, which some doctors call preleukemia. She would be leaving her role as co-host on GMA while she received a bone marrow transplant from her sister Sally Roberts. The disease came about from her treatment from breast cancer in 2007. While statistics are scary for the disease, Robin is a very healthy woman and was expected to make it through everything just fine.

While this news seems like it is bad, her doctors say she is on track for a full recovery, according to TMZ. Doctors say because of her medical issues, an early return to Good Morning America is a big risk because her immune system is way too weak right now. She is right on schedule, but that also means no working for Roberts, which is hard for her but she understands at the same time. ABC is hoping to have her back in February, but they won’t push her to come back any sooner than she is ready.

We wish her only the best as she continues through a healthy and safe recovery process!

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