We have another challenge on Project Runway Under the Gunn 2014 tonight that usually causes some major drama and has the designers working crazy to satisfy their clients, as we have the Real Women challenge on Under the Gunn Season 1! Yup, the designers will be working with real women and Benefit Cosmetics during tonight’s challenge and it looks like it is going to be a big test for Shan on Team Anya! Check out a sneak peek at tonight’s Under the Gunn 2014 below in our Project Runway Under the Gunn 2014 spoilers video!

Project Runway Under the Gunn 2014 Spoilers - Week 11 Preview

Last week on Under the Gunn Season 1, the drama surrounding Natalia and the hatred she seemed to be getting from all the other designers and mentors. Of course, we had a team challenge and Natalia was placed with Asha, who didn’t want anything to do with her. So, she proceeded to make all the decisions and throw out any of the ideas Natalia came up with or help that she offered. When they had the worst look, do you think Asha would take the blame? No, but Natalia threw herself under the bus and the judges sent Natalia home, who I think was just ready for all the drama and stupid crap to come to end and was happy to go home!

Tonight, with only five designers remaining on Under the Gunn 2014, the pressure is on and it looks like the real women might cause some issues for the designers. Shan has a dress ready to go, but his client has an allergic reaction to the sequins he used and he has to do a whole new dress and not much time to make it work!

Check out the sneak peek of Under the Gunn Season 1 here:

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