The designers are back on Project Runway 2013 and they were shocked to find out that all the challenges will be done in teams for Project Runway Season 11! Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum surprised the 16 new designers with the announcement of Project Runway Teams, but they moved on and we should expect major drama as the season progresses. Come back tonight for my Project Runway Teams Recap and find out with me who was eliminated on Project Runway 2013!


The Live Recap starts at 9/8c, so come back then!

Let’s get this started…so, Cindy thinks her team feels she is the weakest link. Is that a true statement?

The designers head over to meet Heidi on the runway. They will continue to work on the same teams for this challenge. They head out to Tim Gunn and Brandon Kirsch, the manager of SPiN New York (which is owned by Susan Sarandon. They have to create uniforms for the servers and ball boys at the place. They will have to create five looks with three female models and two male models. They have a $500 budget and one day.

To get an idea of what they need to do, the designers do some work in the club and get to meet with the workers and see what they are looking for for new uniforms. The teams meet and discuss their ideas, but Keeping It Real is not coming up with good ideas. They head out to do some shopping at Mood and Benjamin is looking over Cindy like a hawk and she is not having it!


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