Gretchen Jones reacts to winning “Project Runway.”

“Project Runway” fans likely all took a collective sigh of disgust tonight as Gretchen Jones took home the title of Season 8 winner.

Fan favorite Mondo Guerra finished second. Andy South third.

The judges, including guest judge Jessica Simpson, were torn between Gretchen and Mondo. They were (allegedly) split down the middle. Nina Garcia and Michael Kors were for Gretchen. Heidi Klum and Jessica Simpson were for Mondo.

Who knows what the deciding factor was (especially since Heidi is an executive producer), but I know I’m not happy. And I’m sure a lot of you aren’t happy either. Please start a discussion here. Share your thoughts. Let it out.

Earlier in the night, “Project Runway” did something quite odd. They assembled a reunion before the finale show. It wasn’t live or anything. It was filmed just as the three finalists were preparing for their finale runway show. Odd. Anyway, they all got together to discuss their 10-15 minutes of fame. We learned that everyone thinks Poison Ivy is mean and that Gretchen is a “bitch.” That pretty much sums up every comment this blog has received about the two of them.

It was nice to hear Gretchen defend herself. She made some great points. Strong women are often classified unfairly as bitches. But I’m not sure she’s completely innocent. It was also nice to see none of us were wrong about Poison Ivy. She didn’t even bother to try and defend herself. Instead she sat there with a sourpuss face and rolled her eyes a lot.

So that was short, sweet and pointless. Cut to the normal madness before the finale. Missing models (WHY do they always drop out?), last minute changes and fixes. Madness indeed. Then, magically, it’s all perfect and ready to go.

One of three pairs of Gretchen’s bloomers.

The runway show opens with Gretchen. She has drastically improved her styling (maybe that’s why she won). But her looks are still over-sized and, as a friend called it, “Kohl’s safari wear.” She has three models going down the runway in bloomers (see above photo). I mean who (besides her) are going to wear bloomers in public? And before you start saying it’s just  a runway show, think back to how many times the judges said her collection was ready-to-wear. She uses the same ugly, cheap-looking print multiple times. It’s just. Ugh. It’s like eating oatmeal. Without anything in it. No bananas. No blueberrys. No sugar. Just plain oatmeal. Her models hair and styling did look nice. But that’s not enough for a win if you ask me.

Next up is Andy. For some reason is was totally wrong for Michael Costello to have a collection all in similar colors, but it was totally OK for Andy. His clothes were so boring all I  can remember is green and alien antennas. Even the judges eliminated him during their final discussions. No suspense needed with that boring mess.

My favorite piece from Mondo.

Finally is the amazing Mondo. He’s adorable in his tiny little suit and his man-bouffant hair. I want a Mondo of my own! And I want his clothes! I’m seriously considering conjuring up a gender identity disorder just so I can wear his clothes. Particularly the little bubble skirt shown above! I mean, look how awesome it is. It’s very well made. The pattern is great. And the styling is amazing. Those leggings and pops of yellow really finish the look. His entire line was this cool. He even created an art piece that was transferred to a shirt and bag. And he kept the awesome polka-dotted dress that Michael Kors hates. Good. It was a great show. I was certain he was going to win and the entire viewing audience would be happy.


Michael and Nina decided to be complete idiots. They basically refused to allow Mondo a win. Nina joined Michael in hating the dotted dress. Nina said she couldn’t wear it and Heidi hilariously agreed that she couldn’t see Nina in that dress. The two idiots continue to bash Modo by saying he’s too costumey and designs too young. I’m sorry, but why can’t a “Project Runway” winner design clothes for a teenager? An “American Idol” winner can record country music if he or she wants. Heidi and Jessica were ready to had it over to Mondo. But then it cuts away and we have no idea what the resolve was.

We quickly say goodbye to Andy. Then they toy with Mondo and Gretchen a bit. Then the bomb is dropped. Gretchen is the winner of “Project Runway.” Apparently because she can see into the future and next year all women are going to be wearing over-sized frocks with cheap prints.

It’s all fine, though. Mondo will be OK. And you will be too. Right? Tell us more of what you think in our comments section.