It has been far too long since I have seen an episode of Project Runway 2013 and I have to wait no longer, as the Project Runway Season 12 premiere is upon us and 16 new (kind of) designers will be introduced to us tonight and the first challenge will be upon us! Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Tim Gunn are all back and no teams this time, but there will be plenty fo new twists for Project Runway Season 12. Find out what happens in the premiere during our Project Runway Season 12 Recap and find out who went home on Project Runway Season 12 tonight with us!

Project Runway Season 12 - Premiere

First thing first: Zac Posen is back and Michael Kors is still out working on his personal projects to dedicate a whole season to the show. He will be back as a guest judge on the Project Runway Season 12 finale though. Let’s hope that Zac is present each week, seeming he missed quite a few episodes last season and Rachel Roy filled in quite nicely.

Some other changes for Season 12: fans will have more of an effect on things with a social media aspect added in and Tim Gunn will have more of a say, as he will sit in on the runway shows and be able to answer questions from the judges, but he will also be given one save to use this season and bring back an eliminated designer! That is huge, so check out our recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Project Runway Season 12 Recap or find out who was eliminated on Project Runway Season 12 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


The designers meet on the runway, but at an airport!!! Only 15 of them are there and the former designer coming back to compete that was voted on by the fans is Kate Pankoke from Project Runway Season 11 and she doesn’t have to deal with the teams this time around! Justin is a deaf designer, so an interpreter is there to work with him. Season 12 has the biggest prize package ever as well.

More planes flying and in come some parachuters and this will help us with the first challenge: they will create a look to show off their own esthetic using some of the parachute material!

We get back to the workroom and time to get to know some of the designers. Helen is going to be a hot mess. Bradon was a dancer and Miranda was in the Army and she is excited about the parachute. Helen says her design is completely opposite of the way she dresses. Timothy and Miranda are from the same town and she hates him, but he has no clue!!!

No more Lord & Taylor on Project Runway 2013? Tim Gunn comes in and says their new partner is belk! What happened there? They will be managing their own spending for the entire season and they each get a GObank debit card and they are in charge of their own finances. This is interesting!!!

They will not be shopping, but have some material to embellish their looks. They have the rest of today and the next day to work! Most designers don’t know how they are going to work with this fabric. Bradon wants to work with the fabric before he sketches anything. Sandro comes from Russia to design and decided to do a swing-suit.

Timothy then talks about protecting the forest to keep unicorns alive. WHAT?!?!? Sue wants to do six feet of pleating for her look, but has six inches done when the night comes to an end!

The next day arrives on Project Runway Season 12 and Bradon said he has never tried a gown like this, but he is trying to walk around like he knows what he is doing. Timothy doesn’t use electricity and they all think he is full of shit and can’t win. Sandro seems to be full of himself and the other designers are not enjoying him.

Tim comes in for his critique and he likes Alexandria’s color blocking; he loves the translucent dress; he tells Bradon his dress is James Bondish; Timothy burned some of his fabric with a lighter and Tim loved it; Miranda is using 85% of the supplemental fabric and they were told not to; Helen is doing the same thing and she said she is stubborn and this is how she wants ti to be and Tim is concerned; he tells Kahindo that her look is messy; he thinks Sue’s dress is a knockout; Sandro only has bottoms done and Tim is worried about timing.

After the critique, some of the designers are changing up their looks with four hours left in the day! Model fitting and Angela is not sure about the length and wants it to be sexier and she shortens it. Timothy is putting on a narrative story with his model and has her doing some crazy things!

It is runway day and I can’t get used to this belk accessory wall! The models come in and time to get their looks done. Angela feels hers looks like a moo moo. Timothy is working on choreography with his model…yup, I typed that right! This is Project Runway Season 12 and not SYTYCD 2013!

Now in hair and makeup and Timothy wants no makeup on his model and no products in hair and nothing that needs to be plugged in to be used on her. The model starts crying and knows this is not fair. Remember, the models are competing too and this is not fair for her! The time runs out and Sandro has some short shorts and her private parts are hanging out!

For the runway show, the judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judge Kate Bosworth. Tim Gunn will also be sitting in on the runway shows! He gets the Tim Gunn Rescue and he will get one save this season for an eliminated designer. And the runway shows will be anonymous and the judges will not know whose looks are coming down the runway, which I like!

  • Sue – it looks cute and the colors are nice
  • Bradon – that is a lot of fabric, but I love the color on the model
  • Jeremy – the pants are a little too much and the shirt is boring
  • Kahindo – it is kind of plain for me, but fun colors
  • Sandro – and we have a vagina hanging out and no one even looks at the look
  • Helen – not a fan of this and it is just weird
  • Alexandria – love the dress and it looks real good, especially with being parachute fabric
  • Karen – it is way too poofy and not fitting at all
  • Timothy – the fabric looks burnt and she had no performance, so he is disappointed
  • Justin – the dress is super cite and looks like a normal dress
  • Kate – really like this dress and definitely girly, but cute
  • Angela – hot mess and it looks like a poncho
  • Alexander 0 cute dress, but it is riding up her and we don’t need any more vagina sitings tonight
  • Dom – kind of boring and jacket is overwhelming
  • Ken – cute dress, but the collar is a bit too much, but he is happy
  • Miranda – seems kind of blah and nothing special and most of the supplemental fabric

Heidi calls up Angela, Sue, Miranda, Bradon, Sandro and Timothy. The other designers are safe and these and the top and bottom designers for the week. Do you agree?

For Timothy, his model is barefoot but he is wearing high heels. Heidi asked why no makeup and nothing done with the hair. Zac said he caused fumes by burning and breaks everything he believes in! For Sue, Nina loves that it looks very sporty, yet elegant. Zac said your first result is very exciting. For Miranda, Kate said she would wear it and Nina said a great first impression. Heidi said she didn’t use a lot of the unconventional material.

For Angela, Zac said this is not chic and Nina hates the proportions. For Bradon, Kate loves it and it is so beautiful. Heidi said it looks expensive. Zac finds the cording distracting, but loves the back. For Sandro, his model’s vagina is still hanging out! Heidi said it is a disaster. Nina said he took too much energy accessorizing, but he needs to work on the piece.

For Project Runway Season 12, another new thing is that Tim Gunn will come back with the models and the judges get a chance to look at the designs up close and personal! They discuss the looks and I think it will be Timothy going home and Bradon will be the winner! What do you think?

The designers are back on the stage and here are the results:

  • Winning Designer: Bradon
  • Safe: Sue, Miranda and Sandro
  • Bottom Two Designers: Timothy and Angela
  • Eliminated Designer: Angela

No save by Tim Gunn tonight and Angela is headed home on Project Runway Season 12. First designer eliminated has to suck, right?

What do you think of the judges’ choice tonight on Project Runway Season 12?

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