Everyone loves a good unconventional challenge on Project Runway Season 12, but it seems like they keep doing them more and more every season, right? We are only into Week 3 of Project Runway 2013 and the challenge has arrived and it is the first team challenge of Season 12! The 14 remaining designers will be paired up and head to the carnival to win prizes and use those prizes to create their looks! Come watch with us during our Project Runway Season 12 Recap and see who went home on Project Runway Season 12 tonight with us!

Project Runway Season 12 - Episode 3

Last week on Project Runway Season 12, the designers were working with over $30 million in precious jewels! They had to chose the jewelry and design their looks to coordinate with the jewels for a red carpet look. They only had one day to complete the challenge and there were many breakdowns, but in the end the judges saved Timothy one more time and sent home Kahindo, who created too boring of a look for the judges.

Tonight the designers are paired up and head to the carnival. They play games and win prizes, but those prizes are what they will use to create their looks! Team challenges always bring drama, so prepare yourselves! Kelly Osbourne serves as the guest judge tonight, so get all the details in our recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Project Runway Season 12 Recap or find out who got eliminated on Project Runway Season 12 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


A 5:30 am wake-up call from Heidi Klum and the designers are headed to Coney Island for their next challenge. They meet Tim Gunn and they are working with Yoplait frozen yogurt. They will take samples and hand them out. They will get descriptive words from the samplers and choose three of them to inspire them for their design tonight. They will be working in teams and they are: Alexander and Justin; Kate and Helen; Jeremy and Ken; Sue and Sandro; Bradon and Karen; Dom and Alexandria; Miranda and Timothy (they are rivals back home, so she is not excited).

The designers will head into the park and play carnival games to win their prizes and material for their looks! Another unconventional challenge on Project Runway Season 12. They are getting plenty of prizes and Timothy gets a damn unicorn and he is happy.

Back in the workroom, Tim said they can make anything they want, but it is a one-day challenge. The designers are working on their looks and Kate and Helen want to use sombreros. Sue was excited to work with Sandro, but he is already bitching at her and it is less fun than she thought!

Helen was anti-Kate and now they are partners and she is in love with her. Sue and Sandro are not working well together and it is his way or no way. Alexander and Justin seem to work well together. Did you want to know what a unicorn is? Timothy informed us…thanks! While Miranda steps out for a moment, he decides he wants to change the look and redesigns it and she is not happy with him!

Tim arrives for his critique and Sandro is rude to Sue with him right there and she is holding back or she will kill him! A bad critique from Tim sets Miranda off and she has gone into a funk.

Miranda is now totally against their look, but Timothy is in love with the look. Sandro goes off on Sue again and someone needs to slap him on Project Runway Season 12. Miranda is ripping on Timothy in the sewing room and he walks in and she doesn’t stop. They think it is jokes, but she is being a bitch about it and Timothy is walking out and wants to leave.

He is out in hall and reading the letter he got from his model, who loves him and it inspires him. He comes back in and the tension is high, but not as high as Sandro and Sue, who has given up and told him she will be his assistant and let him call the shots. The night ends.

Runway day and the designers are finishing their looks and Miranda is a mess and apologizes for being rude to Timothy, but he adds to it. Just accept the apology and move on people on Project Runway Season 12. The time is running out and Miranda and Timothy are happy with their look. Time out and heading to runway.

Runway show time and the judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judge Kelly Osbourne. Let’s do this:

  • Bradon and Karen: that is way too much stuff going on and it looks ridiculous
  • Dom and Alexandria: it looks like a costume, but it is cute
  • Sandro and Sue: the dress looks weird and the model is holding it up and I don’t get it
  • Helen and Kate: very nice design and looks cool and out of sombreros
  • Alexander and Justin: the design is weird and makes no sense
  • Jeremy and Ken: the top is very nice, but the pants don’t go well with it
  • Miranda and Timothy: they put something together, but it is a little plain to me

Safe tonight: Bradon and Karen; Ken and Jeremy; Sandro and Sue. Since Sandro told Sue what to do and she listened, he likes when women listen…yup, he just said that! The other teams have the high and low scores tonight on Project Runway 2013.

For Dom and Alexandria, Kelly said it is so fun and loves how they styled. Heidi thinks they did a fantastic job. Nina sees it and it makes her smile. For Kate and Helen, Heidi said it is like an art piece. Nina said this is a high-fashion moment. Kelly thinks the girls will fight to wear this on the red carpet. Zac said it is a great fabric choice.

For Alexander and Justin, Zac said there is too much going on. Heidi said they need to edit. Nina said it is overworked. For Timothy and Miranda, Heidi said it is so boring. Nina said it really is not good. Let the awkwardness begin, as Timothy defends himself and it is weird and the judges look embarrassed.

The judges get a closer look at the designs and I think Kate and Helen will win and Timothy and Miranda are the clear losers, but can we pray that Timothy goes home on Project Runway Season 12???

We are back on the runway and the judges have made up their minds:

  • Winning Designer: Helen (what a change from one week ago)
  • Safe: Kate, Dom, Alexandria, Justin and Alexander
  • Bottom Two: Timothy and Miranda
  • Eliminated Designer: Timothy (finally)

What do you think of the judges’ decision tonight?

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