The judges on Project Runway Season 12 threw a twist at the five remaining designers last week, as they had them not only do their original challenge of creating a look inspired by butterflies, but then take a losing look from Project Runway 2013 and rework it into a winning look! Two looks going down the runway for each designer, huh? That is a lot of work, so there must have been some terrible looks, right? We shall find out tonight during the home visits by Tim Gunn on Project Runway Season 12! Watch it with us during our Project Runway Season 12 Recap and see who went home on Project Runway Season 12 tonight!

Project Runway Season 12 Spoilers - Week 13

With all those challenges and tasks last week on Project Runway 2013, you would assume there would be some hot mess outfits going down the runway, but the judges were totally impressed and thought this was one of the best ever final challenge runway shows. With that being said, the judges couldn’t send anyone home and all five designers will create collections for Fashion Week!

However, only Bradon and Dom will definitely show theirs. Helen, Alexandria and Justin will all create their collections, but then one more runway show will determine who makes the finale of Project Runway 2013 next week and gets to show of their collection! Watch all the action with us during our recap that follows! 


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