The pressure is on for the five remaining designers on Project Runway Season 12 and we have entered the final challenge before the final runway show at New York Fashion Week on Project Runway 2013! One designer will be eliminated tonight so close to the finale, but they are all still reeling from the double eliminated last week on Project Runway Season 12 that sent home one of our favorites Kate! Life goes on and the designers will be working with butterflies tonight to inspire them to create avant-garde looks. Watch it with us during our Project Runway Season 12 Recap and see who went home on Project Runway Season 12 tonight!

Project Runway Season 12 Spoilers - Week 12

It was a double elimination that had everyone talking for days after it last week on Project Runway 2013, as the designers were put to the test of creating their own textiles. This is always a favorite for the designers, as they get to create their own fabrics and let their creativity flow. Well, Alexander did not do so well and he was eliminated. Justin had some amazing fabric, but then the dress was poorly made, but the fabric was enough to save him.

Then the shocker came, as Kate, who has been in the top most of the season, had a terrible design and it was enough for the judges to eliminate her!!! I thought Kate would win it all and now she is on the sidelines watching the final runway show with us???

Tonight the designers will use butterflies to inspire an avant-garde look on Project Runway Season 12. This is the final challenge before New York Fashion Week, so be prepared for some drama and Tim Gunn makes an announcement of something happening for the first time in Project Runway history, but what will it be???


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