The Project Runway Season 11 teams are about to take on a challenge that sounds quite dirty as they use both hard and soft materials to make their looks tonight on Project Runway 2013! It is funny to hear Project Runway host Heidi Klum talk about it in the preview, so it should be an interesting episode that is for sure. The designers on Dream Team are still struggling for their first win, so will it come tonight on Project Runway 11. Find out during my Project Runway Season 11 Recap and see who was eliminated on Project Runway 2013!


Last week on Project Runway Season 11, it was all about Heidi Klum, but isn’t that the case every week on this show? She just launched her new fragrance line and she used the show she is a host on to get new clothes for the ad campaigns and the press events. Might as well work what you got, right? In the end, Dream Team lost the third challenge in a row and for the third challenge in a row we found Cindy in the bottom. The judges thought that was enough and she was eliminated from Project Runway 11.

The designers will get a twist tonight, but what will that be? Since Team Keeping It Real is down three designers, do you think we will have our first change of teams? Not sure, but one thing that is for sure is that Bette Midler will serve as the guest judge tonight and I could not be happier for this episode of Project Runway Season 11!

Here we go…Amanda feels she needs to have more fun with it from now on. Benjamin said he needs a jolt of energy and needs to turn it around. They head to the workroom and meet Tim Gunn, which is in a room lit by 2-in-1 candles. It is an unconventional challenge and they will get their materials from a flower store and a hardware store! They must create a cohesive line of six loks with both hard and soft looks.

Since Dream team is behind in designers, they get to pick two designers from Team Keeping It Real. They discuss and they decide to take Stanley and Layana. So, Daniel has been at the top every week and they don’t pick him? Now Team Keeping It Real gets to pick one of their designers and they pick Michelle, who does not want to work with Patricia! they have 45 minutes to sketch and consult and then 30 minutes in each store and a $2500 budget and two days to create their looks.

Since Team Keeping It Real has seven people, Richard and Michelle are paired together because they have similar ideas of what they want to design. Michelle is then concerned as Richard keeps talking more and more about what he wants the look to be.

Time to shop and hardware store first: Samantha is going to get most of her materials here since she doesn’t do frilly stuff. They all seem happy with what they purchased and now time to head to the flower market. Dream Team is trying to get their colors adhesive for the flowers, which will help with the cohesive feel to all their looks. Amanda hates flowers!

Richard and Michelle bought blinds for their dress and none of their ideas are working out. Amanda bought moss for her dress and it is falling off, but Daniel gives her an idea to help keep it together. Benjamin wants to be recognized for his own work, so he is weaving his own fabric! WHAT??? He hasn’t been able to finish a look yet, but now he wants to weave his own fabric? Day One comes to an end!

Day Two and Samantha is stressed on what she is doing. Joseph made a net and Michelle said it looks like it could trowel on the bottom of the ocean. Now Team Keeping It Real is worried that their collection does not relate to each other at all!

Tim Gunn comes in for his critique and for Team Keeping It Real, he is blown away by Richard and Michelle’s look. He said Joseph’s model will look huge. He thinks the moss is pretty for Amanda’s dress. Daniel just seems creepy. Tim said Kate’s look is like a craft project. He is concerned with time and cohesion for their team. For Dream Team, Time loves Layana’s dress. He tells Benjamin that it is a wonderful piece. Samantha has nothing done.

The models comes on for their fitting on Project Runway Season 11 and Kate is using chicken wire, so she has to tell her model what to wear to protect herself! Joseph’s dress is not looking good, but he is going for a sweater and something you can wear if it is cold out! I think he may be losing it.

Amanda’s dress is not working out and the moss is clumping together and falling off. Patricia is telling her she told her so, but it is too late now and help not do I-told-you-so! Amanda said she would love to start all over, but it is too late. Joseph comes in and saves the day and comes with a plan and the team is happy! Day Two comes to an end!

Runway Day has arrived and they have two hours to prep their models and finish their looks. Samantha is still struggling with the look and Layana is trying to help and said she was dreaming about it, but Samantha said she has it now and knows what she wants to do.

Amanda is still not liking her dress, but it is too late. Michelle said their looks all look like they were done on a different planet. The time runs out and it is time to go to the runway. It seems like Dream Team has cohesion and Team Keeping It Real is crazy this week, but you never know!

For the runway show, the judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judges Bette Midler and blogger Leandra Medine. Up first is Team Keeping It Real:

  • Daniel – it looks like a swamp on a dress
  • Joseph – I don’t even know what it is and it looks hideous
  • Richard and Michelle – it does look cool, but dominatrix-like
  • Patricia – it looks like a sack with flowers hanging on it
  • Amanda – the dress looks decent and I like how it came out with the moss
  • Kate – it may be huge and over-the-top, but I like it

For Dream Team:

  • Matthew – the top is awesome and I like it
  • Stanley – very nice touch to it and I like the dress
  • Tu – nice jacket, but how can he not be a part of any of the show prior to this moment?
  • Benjamin – nice colors and the fabric worked great
  • Samantha – she pulled a look together and I like the leaves under the metal
  • Layana – cute dress and their team is so cohesive and did a great job.

The judges thought they were both great teams, but there is a winning team and an almost-winning team. Dream Team wins finally! Heidi said when their models turned the corner it was magical. Bette said it was beautifully made. Nina said bravo to them all. Bette said she has never seen anything like that at her hardware store.

For Team Keeping It Real, Heidi said she liked the collection and they took some risks. Zac said that Patricia’s look was pow-wow chic. Nina said she did not get the decade point when they walked down the runway. They all say it was on Amanda and how she struggled with the moss and they were all struggling to make it work into their collection.

The judges talk and it looks like Layana might win and Joseph is going home for that crazy sweater/jacket design he created. Who do you think will go home on Project Runway 2013?

The designers return to the runway to find out the results for Project Runway Season 11. The winner tonight is Samantha, who happened to struggle and they were worried about her even finishing the look, including Tim Gunn! The bottom two designers tonight are Joseph and Amanda. Joseph is out and Amanda is in!

Who would you have sent home on Project Runway Season 11 tonight?

Apparently there is some unfinished business for the night, so they must meet Tim and Heidi on the runway in ten minutes! And we have a To Be Continued. What will it be?

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