The Project Runway Season 11 Finale kicked off last week and we saw the four remaining designers put their final collections together and give a short preview for the judges to decide if they should show the entire collection at Fashion Week or not on Project Runway 2013. We have arrived at Fashion Week tonight on Project Runway Season 11 and it is time to find out who won Project Runway Season 11 tonight! Watch with us during our Project Runway Season 11 Live Recap!

Project Runway Season 11 Finale

Last week on Project Runway 2013, we saw Michelle, Patricia, Stanley and Daniel work on their collections and show the judges three looks that best represented their collections. Michelle was the only designer who seemed to impress the judges. Patricia is different and unique, so the judges wanted to see her final collection. They were underwhelmed by both Stanley and Daniel, but I think Stanley was stronger all season long and they kept him and Daniel was eliminated on Project Runway Season 11!

Tonight it is all about the final three designers completing their collections and showing them at New York Fashion Week. Will Stanley be able to spruce up his looks and come out as the winner? Find out who is the winner of Project Runway Season 11 in our Live Recap starting soon!

Here we go…the three designers are happy to be going to Fashion Week and all know they have work to do before the final runway show!

The next day arrives and the designers still have their helpers (Richard for Stanley, Amanda for Michelle and Layana for Patricia). They will have their makeup consultations later that day and it is another surprise. The designers are going to Mood and they have $500 to get some new materials to make it work!!!

They get 30 minutes to sketch and determine what they want to get at Mood. For the final runway, Michelle is going to go simple and Patricia is working on making her looks more cohesive, but will she have time to do it all???

Shopping is done and the designers are back to work. Both Stanley and Patricia have a lot of work to do, but will the judges throw a twist in there??? Makeup consultations and Michelle is going to change it up a little, even though the judges hated her models looks. Stanley is trying to sex it up. Patricia wants to keep it simple and clean. The day ends and Patricia is far from being done and Michelle thinks Stanley is going to rock it!

Two days into the runway show and Michelle seems to just be working on styling and has her looks complete on Project Runway 2013. Hair consultations now, so we are stretching this out tonight, huh?

Tim Gunn comes in for his critique: he said he is crazy about Michelle’s first look and she is not sure if she will listen to the constructive criticism; he thinks Stanley went to a vintage shop; he tells Patricia she needs more cohesion and right now he is not a happy camper!

For the final model fittings, Patricia is all over the place but it comes down to Michelle being done and Stanley and Patricia flying all over the place.

Final work day before the runway show now and Patricia and Stanley have 80 million things and Michelle is struggling with one little zipper. The helpers are leaving now, but then the final three get special visits from their loved ones, which is helpful for the designers. But then they find out they have two hours before packing everything up for the next morning. Patricia is now going to put more holes in the leather pants and she thinks it is a great idea.

Michelle is packed and ready, but Stanley isn’t even close to being done and together. Michelle helps him out in getting things packed. I think he has taken on too much and it might hurt him for the final runway show on Project Runway 2013!

It is 2 am and runway day and designers are getting ready for the show…wow! Stanley has four dresses and a top to complete!!! We are down to two hours and everyone is running crazy backstage. Stanley is going insane and trying to get everyone in their looks. The judges come out and Stanley is way behind and he is having the helpers sew in line! Tim Gunn said he has never seen this in Project Runway history and I think it is going to be a disaster for him! What do you think?

The runway show begins and the judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judge Michael Kors:

  • Michelle – love the colors and design of the first looks. The models look good and the looks have cohesion. This is a fall collection and the browns are really amazing. Tim said he is totally captivated. She has toned down her looks, but they still look great. The last look is very nice, but is it show-stopping? Overall, a great collection and she did me proud!
  • Patricia – she did put some cohesion into her collection and some of them are really well-done and I like them, but a lot of them are too crazy for me and I am not a fan. The horse hair is a little too much for me. What do you think? A better collection from her, but is it a winner?
  • Stanley – his goal for the show: have nothing fall off the models! His looks are coming out very nicely and they looks well done and very cohesive, but I am not sure if he made them modern enough for the judges. What do you think? It is very much a fall collection and no way can you tell all the struggles he went through to get them on the runway!

The collections have been seen, but who is the winner??? I am picking Michelle!

We are back on the runway and the designers are there and the judges seem to be giving out a lot of love before the models come out. For Michelle, Nina loved the black coat and thought there were a lot of pieces that could work together. Michael loved the opening look. Heidi thought she did a good job. Zac thinks her clothing is beautifully made.

For Patricia, Michael said at the beginning he thought the art teacher was on an acid trip. Heidi said she saw the crowd and their faces light up. Zac said it is powerful and keep it current. Nina said she has incredible talent for bringing something to the table that is unique. Michael said the artistry is spectacular.

For Stanley, Michael said his ending dress is Betty White on DWTS. Zac said the beading was very effective, but the choice of materials felt dated. Heidi noticed some sewing issues and was surprised because he is so surprised. Nina said the final dress was his weakest look. They are quick with him and I think that points to a Michelle win. Thoughts?

After the judges’ discussion, I am not sure now. I think for sure Stanley is out and they weren’t impressed by him and he worked better on a team. Patricia is great, but she is not making clothes that are wearable. Michelle has great looks and it is real clothing, so I think they are going with her and it seems pretty clear, right?

We have the designers back on the runway and here we go!!! We get right to it and Stanley is out! The final two designers are Michelle and Patricia and the winner of Project Runway Season 11 is Michelle!!! I called it!

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