We are down to the final four designers on Project Runway 2013 and we have Part 1 of the Project Runway Season 11 Finale upon us and while Tim Gunn will venture out to make home visits to these four designers and see how their final collections are coming along, will all four of the designers make to to New York Fashion Week? That is the big question of the night, so find out with us during our Project Runway Season 11 Live Recap and see who was eliminated on Project Runway Season 11 tonight!

Project Runway Season 11 - Finale Part 1

Last week on Project Runway 11, we saw the final five designers make their way around the world to some of the fashion capitals of the world, excluding Michelle. She was given a second chance by the judges, but not given a trip and remained in NYC. She found her inspiration though and was successful in the challenge, but Layana was not and she was sent home on Project Runway 2013!

Tonight we get to see the designers in their own element as they work on their final collections. We get a preview of them tonight, in the final runway show before New York Fashion Week. Will the judges be impressed and send all four or will some get cut tonight? Find out in our Live Recap starting soon!

Here we go…the designers meet Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn on the runway and they will be going home to work on their collections and come back to see who makes it at Fashion Week! Will all four of them make it? They will be doing fall collections with a $10,000 budget and everyone heads out!

We are now four months later and Tim Gunn is in New Mexico to see what Patricia has done so far and meet her family. After a meal with the family, they head out to Patricia’s studio to see what she has done. She said her whole inspiration has come from trees, but one jacket he thinks looks like a student jacket compared to her other looks.

Now we are heading to Portland to see how Michelle has been doing. More food for Tim with the family, but now to look at her collection. She said she felt in a dark place when she got home and she went on a female, hunting, lone wolf and that is her inspiration. He likes four of the looks and the risks she is taking, but she needs 12 looks and she is worried about timing.

Tim heads to Austin to see Daniel’s collection on Project Runway Season 11. He brings out the crazy hair and Tim said he looks like a Chia pet and his sister starts crying, so it runs in the family, huh? The collection looks real good, but then there is some blue jacket in there that looks like hell. Tim calls it his grandma’s jacket and I agree!

The last designer is Stanley and Tim comes and he said is look is of the 60s. He has a cape too, which seems to be happening a lot this season. Tim did not like a jacket and felt it did not fit with the collection, but it was the color of the dress it was under, but it looks good otherwise. Then lunch with Stanley’s partner and niece, whose hair looks natural, right?

We are now four weeks later and the designers are back in NYC and all excited to unveil their collections. They get a night to relax, but then the pressure is on!!!\

The next day arrives and they all start looking at each other’s collections and Patricia said Daniel’s is boring, Daniel said Michelle looks like she is trying too much, Stanley said Patricia’s collection is not his taste and they are all shocked how much Stanley still has to work on.

Tim comes in and tells them have one day to runway day and have to show the judges three pieces to see if they make Fashion Week and will have helpers: Richard is with Stanley, Samantha is with Daniel, Layana (who is pregnant now) is with Patricia and Amanda is with Michelle, of course.

It is now time for Tim’s critique: he asks Michelle if the hardware goes too far; he tells Stanley that he doesn’t want it to look like an old lady would only wear this; he tells Patricia her one shirt looks like a lumberjack and a man’s shirt and they pick out another look for her to show tomorrow; Daniel seems very stand-offish with Tim, but we shall see.

For the model fitting, Daniel’s pants aren’t fitting and they are leather, so he needs to find something. Michelle’s pants are the same way and not sure how she can loosen them up without noticing it.

Runway day has arrived and the designers will finish their looks for the Project Runway judges. Yet again Richard can not sew things, so why does he keep coming back as an assistant??? The time is up and they head to the runway!

It is runway time and the judges tonight will be Heidi Klum, Zac Posen and Nina Garcia:

  • Stanley – first look is well-constructed, but it does have that old woman feel to it. The second look is a not-so-cite gold dress. The final look has some amazing fabric, but the leather jacket is blah with it and his collection is not great to me.
  • Patricia – the first dress has some great fabric, but not sure about the scarf. The second looks is a cape with some horse hair, which might seem odd but she makes it work with the leather pants. The last look has the crazy headdress. but the dress is cute and the color is nice with the sequins and I am impressed.
  • Daniel – the first look is very good and hard and the hat looks great with it. The second look is kind of plain to me, but it is a good look…just nothing wow about it. The last look is a black dress that is nice, but like he said it is simple. Too boring for Fashion Week? It is all black, but he needs some color to make it pop!
  • Michelle – the first look I am not sure about with the weird sleeves and clip-on leather chaps. The second look has a little too much going on with shapes and colors. The last look has a great coat, but the bags on it are a little too much for me, but Tim said to load it up, right?

For Michelle, Heidi said there is a lot going on and she likes it. Zac said it is cooky and it goes well with Fashion Week. Nina said to get away from things that are tricky and be careful with the accessorizing. For Daniel, Zac said he has seen these things before. Nina said the third girl is not working with the other two. Heidi said they are two tame and it is not unusual with the shapes. Zac said he needs to decide who he is.

For Patricia, Heidi loves the jacket and it is awesome. Nina thinks it could be a world of Dr. Seuss and the collection is all over the place. Zac said to look at the styling, but it is better to have more than less because she can edit. For Stanley, Heidi said he didn’t have enough ideas and wanted to know where the wow is. Nina said his looks are very cohesive and they look rich, but he needs to inject some sexiness into the clothes. Nina said there is a lot of promise in the pieces!

Time for the judges to discuss the look and see who goes to Fashion Week on Project Runway Season 11. Who do you think will make it? Heidi thinks they all did great and look good, so all four of them will make it to Fashion Week, right? The designers are back on the runway and here we go with the results:

  • Going to Fashion Week: Michelle, Patricia and Stanley
  • Eliminated Designer: Daniel

I am shocked…I thought all four would make it!

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