With only three episodes of Project Runway Season 11 left before we find out who wins Project Runway 2013, Heidi Klum and the other judges threw a major curveball at us and at Michelle last week on Project Runway Season 11 and we were all left wondering if Michelle would be safe or was Michelle sent home on Project Runway 2013? I guess we will find out those Project Runway 2013 spoilers tonight during our Project Runway Season 11 Live Recap and see who was sent home on Project Runway Season 11 tonight!

Project Runway Season 11 - Episode 12

Michelle was told she was being given a do-or-die moment, but had to wait to find out what exactly it was. And of course they have to expand it over into tonight’s episode, so we all have been sitting and wondering what the judges will make her do!

From the looks of the previews and pictures for Project Runway Season 11, it appears that Michelle does make it work and gets back into the hunt to win Season 11. The designers will take trips to Europe tonight, as they find fashion inspirations from some amazing spots in Europe: Berlin, Barcelona, London and Paris! The final three episodes will all be super-sized, so we get two full hours each night. Come watch with us during our Live Recap starting soon! John Legend serves as the guest judge tonight.

Here we go…the designers are all in a limbo because none of them know what is going on right now. Tim Gunn comes in and tells them Michelle is safe and will not be going home, so we stay at five designers.

They meet Tim and Heidi on the runway and it is the final challenge of the season and their last chance to be able to prove they deserve to be on that final runway show and make a collection. They find out they will be going to Europe for inspiration and Layana is going to Barcelona, Patricia is going to Paris, Daniel is going to Germany, Stanley is going to London and Michelle is going to stay in NYC since they don’t have a ticket for her, which sucks. They will get their assistants and Samantha will go with Layana, Kate is going with Patricia, Amanda with Daniel, Richard with Stanley and Tu with Michelle.

The designers head out and does anyone think Michelle may have an advantage because she won’t have jetlag from the flights? The designers are traveling in Europe and Daniel hasn’t stopped crying…ugh. Michelle has no ambition to do anything in NYC and is emotional and lonely.

The designers are just snapping and snapping pictures. Daniel finds a building and he found his inspiration. Patricia is at the Eiffel Tower and that is where she will do her sketching…how cool for her. Michelle goes out with Tu in NYC and she finds some hope and she is no longer sad.

Daniel is going to do a flowing dress and jacket, so no fitted for him tonight on Project Runway Season 11. The designers do have a $1000 budget tonight, but in Europe that is not much, so another advantage for Michelle? While shopping, Daniel and Amanda can’t find any fabric and Patricia is getting angry with the workers and the language barrier!

Patricia gets huer fabric under the budget and she is done. Stanley nixes a jacket and just goes with the dress. Daniel finds a fabric for both his looks and Layana finds her fabric and then must cut it herself! Meanwhile in NYC, Michelle goes shopping and can get all the cashmere and leather she wants under the $1,000 budget.

The designers head back and it is a new day in NYC. Michelle is not happy to have them back and I don’t blame her. Stanley doesn’t think Patricia’s look will work. Daniel is making boots for his look and Michelle thinks they look like hooker boots!

Tim comes in for his critique: he tells Daniel they have a lot of work to do, Stanley has an element of surprise when the cape is removed, he doesn’t get the fabric and dress combo and tells her to make it just a top, he thinks Michelle’s breast plate is stunning and he thinks Layana has a lot of work to do in a short amount of time.

The models come in for their fitting and Layana is worried about time as the night ends, but isn’t that what Tim told her on Project Runway 2013???

It is runway day and they have two hours to finish up. Layana is feeling good now and feels she can get it done. Patricia questions herself, but Kate thinks her strength is her uniqueness. Time runs out and they head to the runway and no real worries, right now.

Time for the runway show and time to find out who competes in Fashion Week for the finale and the judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judge John Legend:

  • Layana – the jacket is very nice, but the sleeves coming out to make it pop make it bad for me
  • Michelle – I am loving the dress and the dress flows very nicely
  • Stanley – it just looks plain and a black dress with a cape
  • Patricia – I don’t know what the hell she just sent down the runway, but that shirt is hideous and I don’t get it
  • Daniel – I am liking this look from him and I like the white jacket and black dress and it looks young for Daniel

For Daniel, Nina loves the jacket and the boots, John sees Berlin in it, Zac thinks the whole look is terrific and Heidi said it looks like a young, modern, hip girl. For Stanley, Nina loves the caplet, Heidi thinks he turned up the volume by being simple, Zac is very impressed and John thinks the shape looks gorgeous on her. For Layana, Zac said she made smart choices with the materials, Nina is not getting Barcelona from the look and Heidi said the neckline is interesting but she has no sex appeal. For Patricia, Zac said it looks messy and collapsed, Nina said she is underwhelmed, John said the slacks seem blah and Heidi said the top is special and she likes it. For Michelle, Nina said she captured the city spirit and this is a comeback, John said he loved it and Heidi did not like the skirt.

Now the designers must pick two designers to go with him. Stanley picks Daniel and Michelle. Patricia picks Michelle and Stanley. Layana picks Michelle and Stanley. Daniel picks Stanley and Michelle. Michelle picks Stanley and Layana. It looks like they all want Michelle and Stanley in it, huh? What will the judges think though?

Time for the judges to discuss the looks tonight on Project Runway Season 11 and it looks like they will cut it down to only three designers, but you know they never follow their own rules! I think it will be Daniel, Stanley and Michelle going to Fashion Week and maybe Patricia added in, since Heidi loves her. Who do you think it will be? Heidi said one of them will be out, so four go to Fashion Week!

We are back and the designers are on the runway and here are the results:

  • Making New York Fashion Week: Stanley, Daniel, Michelle and Patricia
  • Losing Designer: Layana

Layana goes home and four designers head to New York Fashion Week and how do you feel about that on Project Runway Season 11?

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