The teams will be no more tonight on Project Runway Season 11, kind of, as the remaining five members will compete on their own for the remainder of Season 11, but then a twist is thrown into the mix and the final five designers will get the help from eliminated designers to create their looks on Project Runway 2013. Just when we thought we were done with them and Heidi Klum and the gang bring them back! Find out who comes back to help out during our Project Runway Season 11 Live Recap and see who was eliminated on Project Runway 2013 tonight with us!

Project Runway Season 11 - Episode 11

Last week on Project Runway Season 11, we saw the designers get a chance to create their own textiles and fabrics for the challenge. Patricia and Richard struggled to get on the same page and that ended with Richard not being inspired and creating a horrible look that got him sent home by the judges!

Tonight on Project Runway 2013, with the help of their old confidants, we will see the final five designers create looks for actress Jordana Brewster using their own aesthetic. The looks will be worn by Jordana in a future magazine spread, so some major exposure for these designers. Don’t miss a thing with our Live Recap starting soon!

Here we go…the designers have to head right back to the runway after last week’s runway show and will find out some new information from Heidi and Tim. It is time for the designers to work on their own! They will, however, have sewing assistants to help them out and find out who they are the next morning!

The next morning they meet Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia to find out about the next challenge: they will create a fashion forward editorial look for a celebrity fashion story that will run in May 2013 issue of Marie Claire, which will be worn by Jordana Brewster. No red carpet looks, no gowns, no pants or t-shirts and it needs to be bold and fashion forward. They have a $250 budget and one day to complete the challenge!

The designers do some sketching and now time to head to Mood to do some shopping. We have Daniel making another jacket and Michelle is making some big linen pants. The time runs out and they head back to the workroom to meet their sewing assistants! It is: Richard, Tu, Amanda, Samantha and Kate. Stanley picks Tu, Michelle picks Amanda, Daniel picks Samantha, Layana picks Kate and Patricia is stuck with Richard again! We just saw them as partners! Will they make it work this week?

All of the final five are happy with their assistants on Project Runway Season 11, except Patricia with Richard. They all get to work and Stanley is being very anal about getting everything done. He keeps questioning what Tu is doing and Patricia doesn’t even want to have Richard to sew for her. Stanley is being an ass to Tu, which is just rude! I know it is his look, but Tu is there t help you!

Tim comes in for his critique: he is worried about Michelle’s top and seeing the bra underneath, Tim is marveled at Stanley’s ability to get everything done, he is intrigued by Layana’s look and he said if Patricia can finish the dress it will be a wow.

Patricia is walking through the steps with Richard and showing him how to sew and do seams and he is such a doofus! She is scared of what he is going to do, but should she let go of the reins a little???

Stanley is being nothing but rude to Tu and I want him to go home because of it! Michelle is worried she may have gone too simple, but her and Amanda think that Nina will repsond positively to it. What do you think?

The next day arrives on Project Runway Season 11 and it is runway day, so the designers rush to finish things up. Patricia changes her idea again and Richard is over it, but it is her design so let her do her thing. Samantha comes over at the very end to help Patricia with sewing and she is so grateful, as she completes her look with her help on Project Runway Season 11.

It is time for the runway show on Project Runway Season 11 and the judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judge Jordana Brewster:

  • Michelle: I like the shirt, but the pants may be a little too boring and not sure if it is editorial
  • Daniel: The shorts are super short, but good. The jacket shoulders are crazy high and too much for me.
  • Stanley: Nothing about the look looks fresh, but the jacket is very nice that Tu worked on.
  • Patricia: It just seems like a dress and the art she added to it and it looks like all the other dresses that the judges love
  • Layana: the leather shirt is hideous and the fluffy skirt is like tulle around her waist and I am not a fan!

What are your thoughts on the runway show?

For Patricia, Nina said she always brings an element of surprise, but it would not worm for Jordana. Zac said it seems like an unfinished look. Jordana wanted it to be more form-fitting. Heidi said it is a good palette to work with for an editorial. For Stanley, Nina said it was smart to create three pieces. Zac said it is soft, but in a photo it can look structured. Jordana loves the length. For Daniel, Heidi said she sees Victoria’s Secret and wings starting. Nina said it has a lot of potential, but it looks a little Easter. For Layana, Zac said he is really proud of her. Nina said it is sexy and bold and it looks very, very good. Heidi said it would photograph very well. For Michelle, Heidi is worried about the editorial ability. Nina said she didn’t want a pair of pants or shirt and that is what she did.

It is now time for the judges to discuss who will go home. Who do you think will go home? I thought Layana’s look was bad, but the judges love it and I think they pick her to win and Patricia goes home, since Michelle was not good and didn’t listen to Nina but she has been great all season long. Or maybe we will have a non-elimination???

The judges have decided and here are the results for Project Runway Season 11 tonight:

  • Winner: Stanley (I’m not happy)
  • Safe: Layana and Daniel
  • Bottom Two: Patricia and Michelle
  • Loser: None….yet

Patricia is told that she is safe, shockingly. Then Heidi throws a curveball and says Michelle is given a do-or-die moment and we, of course, will find out what it is next week on Project Runway Season 11! What will it be and will she survive another week???

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