The end has come on Project Runway Season 11 and after all the team challenges on Project Runway 2013 we have our final runway show tonight on Project Runway 2013 and then it is time to find out who won Project Runway Season 11 tonight, so check out our Project Runway Season 11 Finale predictions below! Come back tonight to see if we are correct during our Project Runway Season 11 Live Recap!

Project Runway Season 11 Predictions

In a shocker last week on Project Runway 2013Heidi Klum and the judges sent home Daniel and only allowed three designers to show at Fashion Week! They have been letting all four show the past few seasons, so I was surprised to see them eliminate someone at this stage of the game.

With that being said, that left us with Michelle, Patricia and Stanley to compete for winner of Project Runway Season 11. As weird as Patricia’s clothes and designs may be, I think Heidi and the judges like that and she may be a surprise winner tonight.

The judges were not too impressed with Stanley’s preview last week, so I think he will step it up some before the final runway show and the clear standout all season long will be crowned the Season 11 winner tonight. I am rooting for Michelle though! Who do you think will win Project Runway Season 11 tonight?

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