Tonight’s “Project Runway” decides which three of the final four will compete at Fashion Week for the title of Season 8 winner. Who will be in and who will be out? The judges have been so unpredictable this season that it’s anyone’s guess. But if I had to be pinned down to make a prediction, here’s what I’d say:

Michael Costello will be in. Michael C. is the only thing the judges have been consistent on this season. Even when he’s in the bottom they act like he’s a secret relative or a lost puppy. So I have a feeling they’ll never get rid of him. Ever. He’ll even be there for Season 9. Plus someone has to be there to be accused of cheating or using illegal shoes or accessories or something. Right?

Mondo Guerra will be in. At least he should be. Of the four, he’s the only one who I think 100 percent deserves to be in the finale. He’s had his downs, but he’s had more ups than anybody. His talent, I believe, compares to no one else’s in the show’s history. His ability to mix patterns successfully and think editorially astound me. I predict Mondo to win the whole thing. But that’s probably too obvious for this season.

Gretchen Jones will be in. I know, I know. I don’t like her either. But without her, there will be no drama. Unfortunately, reality TV sometimes doesn’t do the right thing. So, whether or not her collection is amazing is beyond me. But I think she’ll make it either on her own merits or for the simple fact that she’s kind of hated by people and will offer some drama.

Andy South will be out. I’m probably going to be wrong, but I had to make some predictions. I think Andy is sort of the weakest link. He’s good at making cargo pants, but unless he shows the judges something different tonight, I think they might be over him. He won a huge challenge this season when he got to design some looks for Heidi Klum’s line. So that may end up being his parting gift.

Please keep in mind, these are my predictions. Not my wishes. What are your predictions and wishes for the finale?

Check out Lifetime’s preview for tonight’s episode:

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