We have taken a little break from Project Runway All Stars 2013, but we are back and I am actually very excited about Project Runway All Stars Season 3. We have new designers coming back and we have a new host (Alyssa Milano) and a new mentor (Marie Claire senior fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi). We have a slew of special guest judges in store for PR All Stars 2013, so get a sneak peek at Season 3 below in our Project Runway All Stars Season 3 spoilers video!

Project Runway All Stars 2013 - Season 3 Cast

Let’s first talk about the designers that will be returning for Season 3. This is where I have an issue. This All Stars season should be for people to come back and try to win the prize that got away from them their first time on Project Runway. Instead, we have three winners coming back for Project Runway All Stars Season 3 and that kind of upsets me. Anyone else with me on this one? Check out the designers here:

  • Jeffrey Sebelia – Season 3 winner
  • Mychael Knight – fourth place on Season 3
  • Korto Momolu – runner-up Season 5
  • Irina Shabayeva – Season 6 winner
  • Seth Aaron Henderson – Season 7 winner
  • Ari South – third place on Season 8
  • Viktor Luna – third place on Season 9
  • Melissa Fleis – third place on Season 10
  • Christopher Palu – fourth place on Season 10
  • Elena Slivnyak – sixth place on Season 10
  • Daniel Esquivel – fourth place on Season 11

Not saying that this season won’t be entertaining, but they couldn’t get any more non-winners to sign up for it? Take a look at Season 3 here:

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