Things are going to the dogs tonight on Project Runway All Stars 2015, as the designers on Project Runway All Stars Season 4 will be making red carpet looks with Marilyn Monroe as inspiration, but there will be some dogs on the runway too? Not sure how this is all going to come into play, but we’ll find out soon! Follow along with us tonight during our Project Runway All Stars 2015 Recap and see who went home on Project Runway All Stars 2015 tonight!

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Last week on Project Runway All Stars Season 4, the designers were put to the test of creating bridesmaid dresses for a wedding that was officiated by Alyssa Milano on the runway! Not only did the dresses have to be worn for the ceremony, but they had to allow the ladies to wear them in the future. For me, none of them seemed to scream bridesmaid dress, but there were some cute looks on the runway. However, Isaac Mizrahi was not impressed with any of the looks and he said it was the worst runway show this season! In the end, Helen was the winner and Fabio was on the bottom and he was sent home!

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Who stays and who goes home tonight on Project Runway All Stars Season 4? Find out below in our recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Project Runway All Stars 2015 Recap or find out who got eliminated on Project Runway All Stars Season 4 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…

CHALLENGE: For this challenge, they have to create a dazzling red carpet gown suitable for the Oscars that will be remembered forever and using Marilyn Monroe as inspiration! They want a timeless look and a $500 budget with one day to create their look! The winner gets to design the costumes for an upcoming Lifetime mini-series!

The designers sketch and Sonjia is actually sketching tonight, so will she be going home? She doesn’t sketch and wins! They go to Mood for their fabrics and Michelle wants this funky fabric, but it is $80 per yard! She spends all her budget on this fabric. Dmitry gets a fringe, but can’t find it in his color and is going to teabag dye it!

WORKROOM: Michelle tells Dmitry to get to dying so it will dry in time and Sonjia is working the red carpet! Michelle and Dmitry question how sparkly Helen’s gown is but she said she knows what she is doing. Are they trying to get into her head???

MINI CHALLENGE: Isaac Mizrahi comes in to surprise the designers! Marilyn Monroe was an icon, but he brought another icon with him! Who is it??? It is Lassie!!! For this challenge, they will each get their own dog and have to design a movie-themed canine couture! How cute is this going to be? The winner of this challenge will win a guest designer spot of Lassie’s clothing line coming out soon!

The dogs are peeing on the red carpet and it is a hot mess, but so cute! Dmitry is allergic to dogs, but he is more allergic to losing! Michelle is the winner and she is Lassie’s new creative director. I guess Helen’s dog is not happy, as they poop on the runway!!!

ZANNA’S CRITIQUES: She tells Michelle the chain in the back is cheap looking, but the gown does not look that way. She tells Dmitry that the crystals can make a look, but he has to apply them perfectly. For Sonjia, she likes it a lot and thinks it is modern, but can stand the test of time. For Helen, she said it feels more Victorian than it does modern and it feels old-fashioned and could be in a museum!

Helen decides to scrap the bodice and start fresh to make it more youthful. Michelle is working on the chain and making it more expensive. The models come in for their fitting and these designers are hating on Helen’s fabric, but I think it screams red carpet! The day is coming to an end and Sonjia’s zipper broke on her!

It is runway day and the designers come in to finish their looks. Helen is worried, since this is the first time her model will put on the new, finished dress. Makeup and hair time for the models! Everyone is in their dresses and time to hit the runway!

RUNWAY SHOW: It is time for the runway show on Project Runway All Stars 2015 and the judges tonight are Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi and guest judge Sophia Amoruso. Here we go:

  • Sonjia – The bottom of the dress is great, but that top and bow is over the top and gaudy.
  • Michelle – The fabric is great and so shiny, but the design is very boring and the chain on the back is not good.
  • Helen – This is beyond boring and the changes she made did not help and it is not youthful.
  • Dmitry – The fringe is kind of cool, but the colors are weird together.

JUDGES’ CRITIQUES: Isaac said this is an amazing runway show and they all did a great job.

  • Sonjia – Isaac said he loves the dress and it feels dramatic and memorable. Georgina said it is fabulous, but there are a few too many ideas. Sophia loves the top and thinks it could be photographed from many angles.
  • Michelle – Alyssa said the textile is the star of this and does not love the chain. Sophia said it is really pretty and loves the back and it is timeless, but it is really sheer. Isaac said this is the best she has done and he likes the sheer and the back in enchanting. Georgina said very pretty and very impactful when she came down the runway.
  • Helen – Sophia said the dress is really pretty, but it is not memorable and wanted more drama somewhere. Alyssa said it is beautiful and not much you can rip apart about it. Georgina said it is too safe and wanted a touch more of originality. Isaac said he loves it, but it does not move beautifully.
  • Dmitry – Alyssa said this dress blew her away and may be the best thing she has ever seen on the runway. Sophia loves all of the elements and it is beautiful on her. Georgina said it looks like a thousand dollar dress. Isaac said this is so major, but he might not wear it to the Oscars.


  • Winning Designer – Dmitry
  • Safe – Sonjia

It is down to Michelle and Helen and Alyssa said they have not made their decision yet! They have to give their reasoning on why they should make it to the finale over the other. Michelle does a good speech, but Helen nailed it and I loved her speech. I hate this because I love them both! The judges now discuss, yet again!

They come back on the runway and they have a new challenge! They must take three looks from eliminated designers and create a new look that will send them into the finale and they have one hour to create the look on the runway! They get to work, but Helen is getting emotional having to cut up someone else’s look and starts crying big time! She gets it together and they both get their looks done! However, Michelle only used two looks and they were supposed to use three!

CRITIQUES: I love Helen’s look, but Michelle’s look is a mess!

  • Helen – Isaac said there is something so fresh about it. Alyssa said it is beautiful and she is at her best when she is a wreck. Georgina said that is the dress.
  • Michelle – Isaac loves what she did and amazing how she gave all these lines. Alyssa said she loves her pancho and feels her personality. Georgina said it is amazing and the intellect behind it is amazing.

RESULTS: The judges write down the designer they want to go to the finale and that designer is Helen, which means Michelle is eliminated!

What do you think of the results on Project Runway All Stars Season 4 tonight?

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