We have the final runway show on Project Runway All Stars 2015 tonight, as the final designers on Project Runway All Stars Season 4 will show off their final collections and the winner of Project Runway All Stars 2015 is crowned! Four days and eight pieces? That is the task tonight, so watch it with us during our Project Runway All Stars 2015 Recap and see who won Project Runway All Stars 2015 tonight!

Project Runway All Stars 2015 Spoilers - Finale

Last week on Project Runway All Stars Season 4, the designers had to create red carpet looks that were timeless. I was a little uninspired by the looks from the designers, but the judges seemed to love them! It was Helen and Michelle in the bottom two and the judges could not pick who to send home. So, they brought out some eliminated looks from the previous designers and they had to use three losing looks to create a new, winning look! Helen struggled with tearing up the looks, but she got over it and created the winning look and moved on to the finale and Michelle was eliminated!

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We get to see the final runway show tonight and the judges pick a winner of Project Runway All Stars Season 4! Who do you think it will be? We made our predictions earlier today, so go check them out and come back for our live recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Project Runway All Stars 2015 Recap or find out who won Project Runway All Stars Season 4 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…the final three are enjoying some breakfast together on the rooftop and Helen and Sonjia are excited to be in their first finale, but here comes Alyssa!

FINAL CHALLENGE – Most collections are tied to one season, but this final collection will be designed to dress a woman for an entire year! They will create an 8-piece collection (2 for spring, 2 for summer, 2 for fall and 2 for winter) and they have four days to complete it and a budget of $3,000! The designers do some sketching on the rooftop and it is time to go do some shopping at Mood!

WORKROOM – Dmitry is struggling with his layout, as he normally goes from daytime to evening and he can’t with this. Dmitry and Sonjia are working on one look at a time, but Helen is moving it all around. That was a quick day, as Day 1 comes to an end!

DAY 2 – We see the claws come out, as Sonjia asks Dmitry if he is doing fringe again and he asks her if he is doing lace again! DRAMA!!! Zanna comes in for her critiques and to help them with their collections so far! She tells Dmitry that he is a perfectionist and he doesn’t have time for that on this challenge. She thinks Helen’s collection may bore the judges with the black and white looks. Helen decides to add some color, but Day 2 comes to an end and these designers are way behind!

DAY 3 – The designers come into the workroom and they have some helpers, as Helen has Kate, Sonjia has Fabio and Dmitry has Jay and they are all beyond excited! The models come in for their fitting and Sonjia thinks that Helen’s looks are a little too cohesive and very similar looks. The night is coming to an end and Dmitry still has four looks to do!

DAY 4 – This is do-or-die for these designers. They have a lot of things to finish before the runway show the next day! The designers reflect on their lives and journeys. Their helpers leave and it is time for hair and makeup consultations. It is crazy, but the day comes to an end and these people have so much to do! How are they going to do this???

RUNWAY DAY – This is it and the designers head into the workroom and have three hours to complete their looks! Can they do it? The models come in and the looks are coming together. The time is running out and Helen said she is seeing looks from the season replicated by the other designers, which she does have a good point! The time runs out and they are headed to the runway!

RUNWAY SHOW – We have an over-the-top beginning to it, with dancers and all, but time to get this show started! The judges tonight are Alyssa, Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi and guest judges tonight are Zac Posen and Mira Sorvino! Here we go:

  • Sonjia – I feel like her looks are cohesive and it has her vibe in there. You can tell it is from her, but I see some similar looks from this season and I don’t like that. Overall, it was decent and amazing for only four days.
  • Dmitry – I love how his looks are always so clean and proper. I love the cutouts he puts in the fabric and it looks good. I am not sure of the complete cohesion on this one, but it is a Dmitry collection for sure.
  • Helen – She had some great looks in there, but then she had some very boring looks in there as well. Too simple on some of them.

I am torn on this one and not sure who will win. Who had your favorite collection???


  • Sonjia – Isaac said there are some really beautiful clothes up there. Zac said overall, she created a mood and created clothing a woman wants to wear. Georgina said it is so impressive what she came up with in four days. Alyssa said she proved she can make anything.
  • Dmitry – Alyssa said he did an amazing job and it shows total control of his aesthetic. Georgina said he is the master of technique. Mira said she loves the confidence of his looks and the women that wears his looks is a confident woman. Isaac said he likes the 80s feeling and it is a fabulous collection.
  • Helen – Zac said he sees some very contemporary clothing and he can see a lot of girls wanting to wear this. Alyssa said her two fall looks are her favorite looks of the entire evening. Georgina said she has a wonderful sensibility about her and she did a wonderful job.

The judges discuss all of the collections and we see that Helen is taken out of the running, so no win for Helen tonight and it comes down to Dmitry and Sonjia. I am thinking Sonjia gets the win. What do you think? The designers are back on the runway and time for the winner of PR All Stars 2015 to be announced!

RESULTS – Here are the final results for Season 4:

  • Third Place – Helen
  • Second Place – Sonjia
  • Winning Designer – Dmitry

So, what do you think of the results tonight?

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