It is time for the Project Runway All Stars 2014 premiere and it looks like we have 14 returning designers on Project Runway All Stars Season 4 ready to make their mark once again in the workroom. In those 14 designers, we have two former winners and one designer who seems to be spending more time on the show then working on a collection! Watch with us during our Project Runway All Stars 2014 Recap and see who went home on Project Runway All Stars 2014 tonight!

Project Runway All Stars 2014 Spoilers - Premiere Preview

While we just made it through the Project Runway Season 13 reunion show, it is now time for the premiere of Project Runway All Stars Season 4 and I am so pumped for this one. They have some great designers returning, including Michelle Lesniak (one of my favorite winners) and, of course, Kate Pankoke returns to the workroom for her 12th time on the show. Who is she sleeping with to get so many chances on the show? Clearly the judges don’t like her, but a different set of eyes to check out her work this season!

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Who stays and who goes home tonight on Project Runway All Stars Season 4? Find out below in our recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Project Runway All Stars 2014 Recap or find out who got eliminated on Project Runway All Stars Season 4 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…the designers start arriving and they are all excited to see each other, for now, and maybe Alexandria and Helen are not that excited to be there. Kate has been on every season of Project Runway, so why not All Stars too, right? Patricia had some crazy designs and looks, but the judges loved her. Will they love her this season? Gunnar is claiming to be the villain of his season, so he should be fun.

The designers are in front of Alyssa Milano now and she is very pregnant. However, they are missing two designers! They are joined by season 10 winner Dmitry and Season 11 winner Michelle. No one is excited to see these people, at all! No immunity on PRAS 2014 and same judges as always and Zanna Roberts Rassi is back as mentor.

CHALLENGE: They will be starting at Grand Central Terminal. They are split into men and women and they will each create a seven-piece collection inspired by Uptown or Downtown New York. The men take Downtown and the ladies have Uptown. Each designer will be responsible for their own look and they have a $1,500 budget for the entire collection and it is a one day challenge!

The designers head out and have one hour to discuss and figure out their looks and be inspired by New York. The men are not working together very well, as Ben is not taking criticism well and he may be the drama queen this season. They head to Mood for some shopping. Fabio just sees a whole pile of fabric and he hopes they have everything.

They head to the workroom and check out their new home for the next few weeks. Yup, Fabio is missing his fabric and now what do they do? Alexandria said Kate’s look is not Uptown and she has been here three times now, so she should know better! Oh Alexandria, you have never been one to bite your tongue! Chris has designed for some big stars since being on Season 4, so he could be a big competitor. All the designers seemed to be concerned about the other designers and if their look is downtown or uptown.

ZANNA’S CRITIQUES: She tells Helen she has to have perfection with the fabric she is using. Michelle’s look may be too cool for an Uptown girl. Patricia’s look is too Bohemian and not Uptown. She wants Alexandria to raise that top up! She is not liking Kate’s look and she thinks she has to make a whole new look now. She loves the kilt from Chris. A lot of short skirts from the men. She thinks Ben’s look is too Uptown for downtown. She hates Gunnar’s look. She loves that Jay is doing pants and Fabio needs some kind of wow factor with his look.

Fabio has been piecing his look together all day, so he finds some leather and is trying to work in that wow factor. Ben is trying to take Zanna’s advice and make it more downtown. The time runs out for the day and is anyone done???

It is runway day on Project Runway All Stars 2014 and the designers are back in the workroom and have two hours to finish their looks! The models come on and everyone is trying to get their looks done and hair and makeup done. Kate is loving her look, but every other designer is ripping on it. She has clam shells on her damn boobs! Everyone is done and heading to the runway!

Time for the first runway show of the season and the judges tonight are Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi and guest judge is Ivanka Trump! Here we go:

  • Michelle – I am liking this look and the back is very nice.
  • Patricia – The look is very good. Kind of plain and totally not her style, but it works.
  • Sonjia – Not sure of the color, but it is a cool look and love the pockets.
  • Samantha – cute and simple, but good
  • Alexandria – they don’t mix well and seems to be showing too much in the middle
  • helen – the dress is plain and I am not a fan of this. I feel we have seen it before.
  • Kate – it is a simple white dress with sea shells for boobs.
  • Chris – it is a simple look, but I like it
  • Justin – cute look, but way too short!
  • Jay – pants are good and the vest thing is cool
  • Gunnar – it all seems so plain
  • Ben – this is way uptown and not downtown and too classy, but a nice look
  • Fabio – I am loving this look and the whole outfit is great
  • Dmitry – very nice look, but kind of plain

For the results, the men have won this challenge and their Downtown collection was the best. The best and worst looks for the night come from Chris, Ben, Fabio, Michelle, Patricia and Kate! Now time for the judges’ critiques for these winning and losing looks on Project Runway All Stars Season 4:

  • Kate – Isaac said he likes natural boobs and likes the cups, but the dress is too tight. Alyssa said it is a lot of ideas that did not work together. Ivanka said it does not feel Uptown and too va-va-voom.
  • Michelle – Ivanka likes this and Uptown, but sexiness. Alyssa said the fabric looks like car seat fabric. Isaac said he wished the dress was made of only one fabric.
  • Patricia – Alyssa said she doesn’t feel much from it. Isaac loves the idea of the dress, but does not like the color and it feels dirty.
  • Fabio – Isaac said he loves the design and loves the oyster color in the back. Alyssa said she wants this on her body. Ivanka loves it, but maybe more length in the pant.
  • Chris – Alyssa said she is crazy about that skirt. Isaac loves the heaviness of the bottom and lightness of the top and it works. Georgina said the corset is too loose. Ivanka said it feels too cliche.
  • Ben – Isaac said he loves it. Alyssa said she is crazy about it. Georgina said this dress feels so free and easy.

The judges discuss the looks and despite all the hate towards him, I think it will be Ben winning and I am picking Kate as the losing designer tonight. What do you think?

RESULTS: After the judges’ discussions, here are the results:

  • Winning Designer – Fabio (and Ivanka agreed to wear the winning look)
  • Safe – Chris, Ben, Michelle and Kate
  • Eliminated Designer – Patricia

What do you think of the results on Project Runway All Stars Season 4 tonight?

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