It looks like the future of fashion is upon as, at least that is what they told us on Project Runway 2019 tonight! The Project Runway Season 17 designers broke into teams tonight and made mini collections showcasing the future. Find out the details in our Project Runway 2019 recap below and see who went home on Project Runway Season 17 tonight!

Project Runway 2019 Spoilers - Week 2 Recap

Last week on Project Runway Season 17, we had the Season 17 premiere and the return of the show to Bravo. I think it was a lot to take in, as we no longer have Tim Gunn or Heidi Klum on the show plus we had 16 new designers to get to know. It’s always a little overwhelming at first, but the focus seemed to be on the two designers that ended up in the bottom two: Cavanagh and Frankie. So, Cavanagh made a basic black dress with no design appeal and ran out of time to make her jacket to go over it. Frankie made a hot mess of a swimsuit, as she measured things wrong for her model and had all the designers helping her finish the look she did make. The judges picked some design aspect over none, as Cavanagh was sent home.

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Who stays and who goes home tonight on Project Runway Season 17? Find out below in our recap!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Project Runway 2019 or find out who got eliminated on Project Runway Season 17 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


The Challenge

The designers head to the workroom and there is fog on the ground and some freaky models in boxes, which comes from A. Human. It’s all about adding body modifications to these models, which are prosthetics added on. For the challenge, Karlie Kloss said they will be working in five teams of three designers and have to create a mini collection that highlights the A. Human body modification. Here are the teams:

  • Team Shoulder Horns – Garo, Hester and Nadine
  • Team Neck Ruffles – Afa, Sebastian and Tessa
  • Team Back Scaffolding – Lela, Venny and Bishme
  • Team Chest Feathers – Kovid, Renee and Frankie
  • Team Necklace – Sonia, Jamall and Rakan

They will have two days for this challenge and the winning designer will come from the winning team and they’ll earn immunity. One designer from the losing team tonight will be eliminated. For winning last week, Tessa has immunity and gets to chose her model, which she takes Sebastian’s model from last week on Project Runway 2019.


The teams meet and discuss their theme and the designs they will be working on, as they do some sketching. Then it is off to Mood to meet Christian Soriano and do their shopping. It’s weird seeing Christian give advice in Mood, as Tim Gunn never did that, right? Team Shoulder Horns was over budget, so they got rid of some fabric. Nadine is now worried about not making a mistake, as they don’t have extra to work with. Tessa seems to be having Sebastian do a lot of her work, which Garo is not happy to see.

For Day 2, Kovid is really feeling himself today and very much in a good mood. After Christian’s critique, Hester wants to change her look and she’s not using the tulle and wants the fabric that Nadine is using. Let there be drama, as Nadine is pissed because Hester put her fabric away and now wants some of it! Nadine lets her use some of it, but after talking with Christian again, Hester goes back to using the tulle and Nadine is ticked again because she could use the fabric Hester took and cut up. Kovid and Hester end the night both in tears on Project Runway Season 17!

Christian’s Critiques

It is time for Christian Siriano to come in and check out the designer’s looks so far! For Team Necklace, he said nude can’t be the thing. He said they need to be cohesive. For Team Chest Feathers, he said Frankie’s fit and finishes are everything. He thinks their fabric looks old and wants them to be cohesive. For Team Back Scaffolding, he likes the elegance of it, but warned them not to make three old lady power suits. For Team Shoulder Horns, he said the color is going to be selective among the judges and not seeing a future with it. For Team Neck Ruffles, he said they have a great start and the fabric is great and looks expensive.

Top and Bottom Looks – Week 2

After the runway show on Project Runway 2019, we find out that the winning team tonight is Team Neck Ruffles and the losing team tonight is Team Chest Feathers!

Judge’s Critiques

The judges tonight are Karlie, Brandon Maxwell, Nina Garcia and Elaine Welteroth. Here is feedback for each designer:

  • Tess – Elaine said her look fell short for her. Nina loved the skirt and how it was done.
  • Afa – Elaine said she loved it. Nina said the pant is unbelievable. Karlie said the cape was amazing. Brandon said that’s a way to cover the shoes.
  • Sebastian – Elaine said this is one of her favorite pieces. Nina said the fabric feels like it is hanging from her flesh.
  • Renee – Nina said she has these wings, but she almost clipped them and it’s so not her. They commented it looks like a straight jacket and she’s trying to escape.
  • Frankie – Elaine said she gave them something so similar to what sent Cavanagh home last week. Brandon said they don’t get this much time to explain themselves in fashion.
  • Kovid – Nina said it has a lot of problems with execution. Brandon said it’s clear this is not his best work, but he cares about his work.


The judges discussed all of the looks from tonight and the winning look tonight on Project Runway 2019 comes from Sebastian and he wins immunity for next week. The bottom two looks come from Kovid and Frankie. In the end, the judges decided to send home Frankie.

Project Runway 2019 Spoilers - Season 17 Designers - Frankie Lewis

Frankie Lewis

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