Get ready to shed some tears tonight on Project Runway 2016, as the designers will get surprise visits from their loved ones! Those reunions always bring a tear to my eye, but then it is back to business tonight! The designers on Project Runway Season 15 will then be put to the task of creating looks for their loved ones in tonight’s challenge! Watch with us during our Project Runway 2016 Recap and see who went home on Project Runway 2016 tonight!


Last week on Project Runway Season 15, we had another team challenge and it brought out some major drama and catfights! The designers broke into teams of three and had to create collections of three looks and with a color palette from Sally Beauty. They would create pop-up shops in SoHo and people would vote for their favorites, which would weigh-in on 20% of the total for the week. Jah-Ming started having issues with Jenni and Nathalia, but they worked it out. Cornelius had trouble the whole time with Erin and Dexter, who were mean girls the entire time and made me defend Cornelius, which I hated doing. In the end, Team Red lost and Cornelius was eliminated after being thrown under the bus by the mean girls. Tim Gunn wasn’t having it and he used it Tim Gunn Save to keep Cornelius in the competition and no one went home!

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Who stays and who goes home tonight on Project Runway Season 15? Find out below in our recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Project Runway 2016 Recap or find out who got eliminated on Project Runway Season 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…

CHALLENGE – The designers are surprised by their loved ones and I am crying now! This challenge is sponsored by AARP and the designers will be creating looks for their loved ones as they start their next chapter in their life. They have two days for this challenge and the winning look wins $25,000 for themselves and $25,000 for their client!

Rik is killing me tonight, as I am crying with him and his mother. Jenni’s mother is all over the place with what she wants, so Jenni is struggling with a concept.

After shopping at Mood, the designers are back to the workroom and it goes pretty quick. Erin’s material is not very cute for her dress. She continues her lovefest with Dexter, but the day comes to an end.

DAY 2 – 

TIM’S CRITIQUES – For Cornelius, he tells him he did great last week and he is still mad at the judges over it. For Mah-Jing, he said this is an ambitious construction project and he needs to get going. For Jenni, he said it is a little confusing. For Laurence, he wonders if she could go out to the store and buy the jacket. For Roberi, he wants to know if he is over-designing this. For Nathalia, he said the leather is so strong and graphic and the jacket has to be superbly executed. For Erin, he said the lace made him go “eeesh” and then wonders if it is going towards kids clothes and then asked how many times we have seen the jacket! For Dexter, he said no one in the room is as cool as them and this does not say cool. For Rik, he said he is excited about it!

Erin and Jenni are sticking with their looks after Tim’s critiques. Rik added a red heart to his dress, which I am unsure about on Project Runway 2016! Mah-Jing is singing as the night comes to an end, as he thinks he is in a good place.

Runway day and the designers work on finishing their looks and getting their loved ones ready for the show. Nathalia does not finish her look, so pins it is!

RUNWAY SHOW – For tonight, the judges are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judges tonight are Olivia Culpo and Katia Beauchamp. Here we go:

  • Roberi – I am not a fan of the two patterns together, but the bottom is super cute and I like the colors of it.
  • Jenni – The pants are ridiculous and looks weird on her and they are baggy.
  • Dexter – The sleeves are kind of cool and this is definitely a Dexter look
  • Rik – The sweater is cute and it works well with the dress and the white stitching.
  • Erin – The coat looks huge on her and the dress with lace underneath is hideous.
  • Cornelius – The jacket is cute and I like the print, but the skirt is kind of jumbled.
  • Laurence – The jacket is cute, but the skirt seems to be a little tight for her to walk.
  • Mah-Jing – This looks great on her and I think it is exactly what she wanted and who she is.
  • Nathalia – Everything about this look is huge on her mother!

The top and bottom looks from tonight on Project Runway 2016 Roberi, Jenni, Rik, Erin, Mah-Jing and Nathalia!


  • Roberi – Olivia said this was one of her favorite looks. Katia said it is such a beautiful talent to see what pieces to bring together. Heidi said he did a perfect dress for his friend and it is perfection. Nina said the silhouette is so pretty.
  • Erin – Nina said there are too many messages in this one person. Zac said it is a winter coat with a summer look underneath. Heidi said it doesn’t really suit her and she created looks that looked good on her and not on her mom. Olivia wanted her to spend more time on the dress.
  • Rik – Nina said she loves it and it fits to a T and feels so dignified. Zac said he made it modern and color in just the right places. Katia said she looks smart, classy and ready. Heidi said it looks like a real designer dress and it looks expensive.
  • Jenni – Heidi said this was one of the worst looks on the runway and it looks borderline sloppy. Zac said the frumpy t-shirt underneath throws him off. Katia said the fit of the pants is distracting.
  • Mah-Jing – Nina said when she walked out, she looked badass. Heidi said it looked like her and she walked super confident. Katia said it definitely made her want to know her story. Zac said she came out with such a force.
  • Nathalia – Nina said the proportions are overwhelming for her and it drowns her. Olivia said the silhouette is so wrong on her amazing body. Heidi said she is totally being swallowed by the clothes and the jacket looks very hard. Katia said they have a deadline and she needs to finish.

After taking a closer look at the designs tonight, it looks like it comes down to Rik or Roberi winning and Nathalia or Erin going home. What do you think?

RESULTS – The winner of tonight’s challenge is Rik, so him and his mother both win $25,000! We see that Roberi, Mah-Jing, Erin and Nathalia are safe tonight. That means that Jenni is the bottom look and she has been eliminated tonight!

What do you think of the results on Project Runway Season 15 tonight?

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