We are taking a helicopter ride tonight on Project Runway 2016, as the designers try to find inspiration around New York City for their looks tonight on Project Runway Season 15. Only eight designers remain and they are working for a spread in Marie Claire, so the pressure is on! Watch with us during our Project Runway 2016 Recap and see who went home on Project Runway 2016 tonight!


Last week on Project Runway Season 15, the designers were surprised by their loved ones, as they joined them in the workroom! For the challenge, they would create looks for their loved ones, as they started new journeys in their lives. The winning look got $25,000 for the designer and $25,000 for the loved one, so that was huge! They had two days for this challenge and Nathalia still managed to not finish her look and sent down a pretty hideous outfit that was way too baggy for her mother. I thought for sure she was going home, but the judges felt that Jenni and her baggy, hodgepodge look for her mother was worse and they sent her (and her laugh) home!

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Who stays and who goes home tonight on Project Runway Season 15? Find out below in our recap starting soon!


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Here we go…

CHALLENGE – Tim and Anne meet the designers after flying their in a helicopter! For this challenge, the designers will be taking that helicopter and flying over NYC to get inspired. From there, they will be creating an editorial look for a powerful woman. The winning look will get a spread in Marie Claire!

TIM’S CRITIQUES – For Rik, Tim said he loves it and it is stunning and so personalized. For Mah-Jing, he said he has an edgy textile here. Be mindful and watchful during the fitting. For Cornelius, he wants the seamlines to be the guide of the dress. For Roberi, he thinks it is a basic dress with the wings. For Dexter, he said it is certainly editorial, but he is worried about time. For Nathalia, he said to limit the range of textiles. Simple underneath is a big risk. For Erin, he wants to know why she is taking the figure away and it has so much volume. It is going to appear boxy and milk cartony.

The models come in for their fitting and all of these designers are struggling tonight. Well, everyone but Rik, who seems to have his look done and is taking a nap. Nathalia is having a breakdown as the night comes to an end.

It is runway day on Project Runway Season 15. Nathalia is feeling better and just wants to get it done. Erin is loving her new look and can’t believe she came up with it in that short amount of time. No leather jacket from Laurence? Nathalia is adding a harness to her jumpsuit to not make it look so basic. Rik is all set, so he helps her out to be nice. Dexter has a see-through lace dress and a repeat jacket. The looks are complete and they are headed to the runway!


  • Dexter – The jacket is a repeat and it looks like a bathing suit with a cover-up.
  • Nathalia – The jumpsuit is nicely made and I like the color, but it is very basic.
  • Roberi – A nice dress and bright, but too many patterns for me.
  • Mah-Jing – I like the dress and how he added in the fabric to the denim.
  • Cornelius – The dress is very nicely made, but the splocthes of leather look weird.
  • Laurence – This is a super cute look and I love the fabric of the skirt and just cute on the model.
  • Erin – This looks plain and the fabric at the bottom is hideous.
  • Rik – I love the fabric and what he did with it, but I hate how the back is open and plain.

Laurence and Roberi are safe tonight, which means the other designers had the high and low scores tonight!


  • Mah-Jing – Nina said she really loves it. She can see his perspective from an aerial view looking down. Camilla said she loves this look and she is a powerful woman. Zac said the back is fantastic and great work and styling. Heidi said she likes this look as well, but chest area is high. Anne said she would feel so powerful wearing that dress.
  • Nathalia – Camilla said it doesn’t work as a powerful, strong woman. Heidi said it is more of a Power Ranger than a power woman, but the booty is perfect. Zac said the construction is not her finest. Nina said it looks like she is going to Comic Con. Anne said the shiny part looks like a gimmick.
  • Erin – Camilla said she likes it more when it is moving than standing still. Heidi said it is a great dress for an editorial. Anne said this dress is very fun and cool. Heidi said it is unusual and different. Nina said it is a safe dress from her.
  • Rik – Zac said it was like a stunning entrance and it moved beautiful, but the back ruined it. Fabulous from the front and tragic in the back. Camilla said it felt incomplete and she didn’t understand it. Heidi likes that he did his own textile, but it is not pretty on the bottom. Anne loved it on the runway and it looks beautiful on her. She forgives him for the back and it is one of her favorite looks of the day.
  • Cornelius – Zac said the dress itself has been landscape great. Heidi said this is her favorite look on the runway tonight and would love to wear that dress. Camilla said a modern woman would buy this and feel powerful in it. Anne said she loves this dress and every seam looks perfectly place and she is his new customer. Nina said this was one of her favorites too. Zac said he should feel proud and he proved himself tonight.
  • Dexter – Anne said she gets a great sense of who his girl is. The shoulder feels gimmick or costume. Camilla said the jacket gives off Minnie Mouse meets Marilyn Manson. Heidi said she does not like this look and she is scared of her. She is surprised to see the jacket again, as it was a big discussion about it before. Nina said she liked his other jacket and seeing it again made it lack the element of surprise.

RESULTS – The winning look tonight comes from Cornelius and he will be featured in Marie Claire! Then we see Nathalia and Dexter in the bottom two and in a shocker, the judges send both of them home!

What do you think of the results on Project Runway Season 15 tonight?

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