The designers on Project Runway 2014 will be heading to the past to help inspire them to work on looks for the future! Yup, the designers will be taking old Marie Claire magazines to help inspire their looks for the future. Where will fashion be 20 years from now? That is the task at hand, but will the designers on Project Runway Season 13 be able to handle it? Check out a sneak peek for Week 3 on Project Runway Season 13 below in our Project Runway 2014 spoilers!

Project Runway 2014 Spoilers - Week 3 Preview 21

Last week on Project Runway Season 13, we had our first unconventional challenge and our first team challenge! You know that team challenges always cause drama and last week was no different. The designers had to create a cohesive mini-collection using materials they picked up from a movie theater! It was a disaster for Sandhya, Hernan and Carrie from the very beginning and they did not work together at all! None of them were budging on anything and eventually Hernan took over  and the girls had to follow along for the ride. Despite that, Carrie was sent home and caused a ruckus on the way out the door!

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Tonight the designers are needing to bring out their magic mirrorballs to read the future of fashion, but that is what they do normally, so this should be an easier task for them, right? Check out a sneak peek at the Week 3 challenge on Project Runway Season 13:

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Now check out a sneak peek video at the challenge on Project Runway 2014:

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