The Real Woman Challenge on Project Runway 2014 is always one to bring some drama, as the designers on Project Runway Season 13 struggle to create designs for women with curves or a body that weighs more than 90 pounds! These are the women that would be buying their looks should they go on to be the winner of Project Runway Season 13, so why do they struggle every season? Check out a sneak peek at tonight below in our Project Runway 2014 spoilers!

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Project Runway 2014 Spoilers - Week 9 Preview 17

Last week on Project Runway Season 13, the designers had a different kind of challenge, as they were creating looks for little girls inspired by American Girl dolls! This was not a normal challenge and some of the designers struggled to come up with looks that worked with the 12 year old girls. Despite Sandhya creating a look that she loved and thought the judges were crazy for not agreeing with her, the judges sent Sandhya home and I could not have been happier! I liked her when the season started, but she got cocky and standoffish the past couple weeks and that turned me off to her.

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The designers will be shifting gears again tonight, as they will be creating looks for the everyday woman, but they will have to find that woman they will create for! They hit the streets of New York City to find their muse and it looks like a lot of them are shooting the designers down for a possisble makeover! Check out a sneak peek at the Week 9 challenge on Project Runway Season 13:

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