We are in for a big night of television tonight as the Project Runway 2014 premiere kicks off and we have 19 designers fighting for a spot in the Top 16 designers on Project Runway Season 13. Oh, how I have missed Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn on Project Runway 2014 and it will be good to have them back. Check out a preview of the premiere below in our Project Runway 2014 spoilers!

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Project Runway 2014 Spoilers - Premiere Preview

For tonight, we will meet the 19 designers fighting for a spot on Season 13. We have 18 new designers and then Runway Redemption is back and the voting was open earlier this year to bring back Ken Laurence (Season 12), Alexander Pope (Season 12) or Amanda Valentine (Season11). Who do you think won the vote? We will find that out tonight!

The winner of Runway Redemption will join the other 18 designers in one final audition before the challenges begin next week. They have one more chance to impress the judges and earn a spot on Project Runway 2014. We all know the Runway Redemption winner will make the show, so it is a matter of the other 18 designers working it out.

For Project Runway Season 13, we will also see the return of the Tim Gunn Save. Each week, the eliminated designer could be saved by Tim if he thinks you are worthy of remaining in the competition. He can use it only one time for the entire season, so he is a little greedy with it!

Before the Project Runway 2014 premiere tonight, check out our photo gallery of the Season 13 designers:

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Now check out a promo video for Project Runway Season 13 here:

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