It is time for the designers on Project Runway 2014 to face a different kind of clientele, as they will be working with tweens and trying to get them stylish, age-appropriate looks inspired by The American Girl doll collection! This should be a test for some of the designers on Project Runway Season 13, especially when only eight designers remain! Watch with us during our Project Runway 2014 Recap tonight and see who went home on Project Runway 2014 tonight with us!

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Last week on Project Runway Season 13, the designers faced the rainway and not the runway! They had to create avant-garde looks that could withstand the test of water! The models were walking down the runway with water flying at them! Sean took a big risk and added dye into his dress and hoped the water would set it off. It worked and helped him win the challenge with Kini, who created an amazing umbrella-like dress! Fade was uninspired from the start of this challenge and it showed with his final look, which the judges thought was too boring and they sent him home!

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Who stays and who goes home tonight on Project Runway Season 13? Find out below in our recap starting soon!


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Here we go…we start in the apartment and the guys are nervous without immunity any more, but Kini and Sean are excited to have won. They don’t understand Sandhya’s designs. Emily is feeling better, especially after talking to her daughter last week.

The designers head out and meet Tim Gunn at The American Girl store. They will each be given a doll/character to work with and it will be used as inspiration to create a look for a young girl that is modern and stylish. Emily has a kids line named after her daughter, so she is feeling confident. The designers get their dolls and models. This is a one-day challenge and they have 30 minutes to take measurements and sketch in the store.

The designers meet with the girls and get to know about the dolls and their stories. Korina doesn’t have kids or kids in her life, so she is struggling with this one and can’t relate or talk with her model.It is kind of cool that that each doll has a story and to see how the designers work that into these looks tonight on Project Runway 2014!

The time is up and the designers head to Mood for some more fabric. Emily’s sketch is looking super cute, so I want to see that play out. Sean is making a jump suit. Now, I used to like Sandhya, but she is getting more and more on my nerves as each week plays out. Korina was having some fabric cut and Sandhya comes up to tell the worker how much of her fabric she needs. Um, she is cutting Korina’s fabric now….take a spot in line! And I am not a fan of Korina, but that was rude!

The designers are back in the workroom and they have the dolls there staring at them! All the designers are struggling with the kids wear. It seems Emily has a huge advantage, but is she all talk??? Kini is struggling with this look and not sure what he will do, which is not normal for him. He is usually done with the whole look by now!

Time for Tim’s critiques: he thinks Sean’s look is adorable, but wonders if it is too retro and not modern and tells him to remove the fringe on the vest. He tells Emily to look at the scale and proportion on the girl and not make it look like she is playing dress up. He tells Kini to get rid of the white dress and it seems too mature. He tells Amanda that she is taking risks with her textile. He asks Alexander if he is taking it far enough with the look. He thinks Char’s look is going to look cheap and won’t be a good look and will flop! He wonders if Korina’s look is going to look too mature. He tells Sandhya that he doesn’t understand her color combinations, but the judges keep her around.

Char listened t the critiques, but she is going to go with her gut on this one and fringe it up! Kini has a checkered fabric, which looks like the doll’s dress, so he is worried about using it, but it is all he has to work with. The girls come in for their fitting. It is cute to watch. Poor Sandhya can’t make any friends, but if she was a little nicer maybe people would like her! Kini is going with a skirt and it’ll make it pop more and that is more him. It is amazing how he can make all these clothes and still be done before the night ends, as other designers struggle to finish as the night comes to an end! Sean knows he needs to do something with his look to make it better, but not sure what that is yet.

Back at the apartments, we see Sandhya have a breakdown. She said she respects everyone, but not getting the respect back. Um, remember when she talked about being compared to other designers last week? You gotta give some to get some, girl!

It is runway day on Project Runway 2014 and the designers are back in the workroom. Korina is rushing and knows she has to finish her dress or she goes home! Sean is going to add a peace sign to the back of his jacket to make it pop. Amanda is feeling good and has time, so she feels like she is Kini every week! Char thinks Sean’s look is dated and he should be worried. Amanda is loving Char’s look. Samdhya’s look is like a costume and I am not a fan. Korina is worried about her look.

Time for the runway show on Project Runway Season 13 tonight and the judges are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judges actress Elisabeth Moss and Senior Design Manager at American Girl, Heather Northrop. Let’s see what these designers came up with:

  • Korina – the bottom of the dress is great and she is loving it, but the top is boring
  • Sean – it is very dated and plain. I like Sean, but this is boring and nothing to it
  • Amanda – loving the dress and the jacket is cool and bright and fun
  • Alexander – the pants are cute, but this top is ridiculous and they do not go together at all
  • Char – the dress is super cute, but the fringe is covering it all
  • Sandhya – the girl is loving it, but the fabric on the sides it awkward and it looks weird
  • Kini – such good tailoring and construction is so good. He is great at what he does.
  • Emily – loving the skirt and the lace underneath it. The sweater is nice, but they don’t go well together.

We find out that Amanda and Alexander are safe tonight, which means the other designers have the best and worst scores for the week! Time for the judges’ critiques:

  • Sean – Zac said it ain’t groovy, baby. It could have been a little funkier and the peace sign felt cliche. Nina said she doesn’t mind the vest and the print of the pants is adorable, but this is a missed opportunity. Heidi said this is so safe. Elisabeth said she didn’t hate it, but the 70s were crazy colors and it could have had more fun.
  • Korina – Heidi thinks the pop of yellow underneath is so clever. Zac said it is so fun. Elisabeth loves it and it is so great. Nina said she loves this outfit and the graphic element of the dress.
  • Sandhya – Heidi said for a one year old it would be great, but not for this age range. Heidi said it does not look age appropriate and Sandhya says she begs to differ. Zac said she looks like a circus flamingo and a nine year old would feel uncomfortable. Heather said the length feels skimpy and not fitting great. Sandhya says she will take their feedback, but she still likes it!
  • Kini – Heidi said she is in love with it and what a stunning dress. Heather said she loves how it goes with the character. Zac said you can see her going to the theater and it was a great translation. Elisabeth said it is modern and she wants it. Nina said she loves the jacket and the fit is beautiful on the dress and it is perfection.
  • Char – Elisabeth said it is so cute and fantastic. Nina said fringe is universal and one of the most updated looks and it is very youthful and age appropriate. Heidi said she likes it and it is really cool. Zac said the fringe is cool and it is very today.
  • Emily – Heidi said it is a color thing. Heather said there is something frumpy about the look, but she likes the choice of fabric. Nina said there is no joy in this outfit and the colors are very dark and she looks sad. Zac said he wanted to see some of the magic of the doll.

The judges take a closer look at the designs and discuss all the looks. Who do you think will be going home tonight?

The designers are back on the runway and here are the results on Project Runway 2014 tonight:

  • Winner – Kini
  • Safe – Char, Korina, Sean and Emily
  • Eliminated Designer – Sandhya

What do you think of the results on Project Runway Season 13 tonight?

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