This should be a wild ride tonight on Project Runway 2014, as the designers on Project Runway Season 13 will be faced with an avant-garde challenge. As crazy as those can get, they will also be creating looks that have to stand up to some unusual circumstances, like water! Watch with us during our Project Runway 2014 Recap tonight and see who went home on Project Runway 2014 tonight with us!

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Last week on Project Runway Season 13, the designers were given millions of dollars of jewelry to use as inspiration for their looks. They were making glamour looks and we had to hear Korina whine about having to make another glam look. Before starting the challenge, Tim Gunn felt something heavy weighing on him and he decided to bring Char back into the competition after her elimination the week before and use his Tim Gunn Save on her! She made it work, as she was safe for the week. Samantha was not as lucky, as she created a very boring and simple dress, which the judges did not like and they sent her home.

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Who stays and who goes home tonight on Project Runway Season 13? Find out below in our recap starting soon!


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Here we go…we start in the apartments and Sandhya is not happy that Sam went home and they shared their dreams. Korina is happy to have the final immunity of the season. Kini has been close to winning, but was on the bottom last week.

CHALLENGE: Now to the runway and the designers meet Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum and they have two TVs behind them. This will be an avant-garde challenge and they will be forward thinking. One big twist though, as they will be faced with rain! The models will be walking a rainway! They will be using water-proof textiles to create their looks and work their curves into their looks and they have two days for this one!

They head to the workroom and have 30 minutes to sketch. Kini is going with an upside down umbrella skirt. Sean’s dress is going to change colors as she walks down the rainway. Fade does not have a clear idea, but will come up with someone and said he has two days to experiment.

The designers head to Mood and they all seem to be getting the same fabric. Sandhya is getting a ton of colors, to go with her stripes from the TV screen she would see as a child. Time is up and they are heading back to the workroom!

We are in the workroom and there is a calmness in there, as they know they have two days for this challenge. Fade is finding no inspiration and he feels stuck and nothing is working.

Tim comes in for his critiques: he loves the twist of the skirt for Kini and tells him to be more simple. He thinks Sean’s idea is spectacular and unforgettable, but wondering how it will work. He loves having Emily push the armor, but it is R2D2. He is worried about the placement of the eye for Amanda’s dress and it is the season of the vagina! He thinks the flowers could work for Alexander. He tells Char it is definitely out of the box. He thinks Fade’s silhouette is too simple and he can’t be too quiet with the embellishments and he needs to turn up the volume, but Fade does not agree. Sandhya’s look concerns him. Tim is worried about Korina being too literal with her look, but she has immunity and this is her time to experiment.

Fade is worried about his look, but talks to Amanda and she loves it. Day 1 ends, so the designers head back to the apartments and let their hair down. They normally have to worry about their looks, but they have an extra day and have some wine and fun time together on Project Runway 2014!

Day 2 has arrived and the designers are back in the workroom. Korina is hating her look and glad she has immunity. Sandhya’s look is not very good, but I’ll wait for the final look. Fade’s dress has nothing to it and I don’t get it. We see the designers make some phone calls to their loved ones and Fade breaks down and he is a hot mess!

The models come in for their fitting and Kini’s dress is so cool and very much S&M about it, but it is cool. Sean’s design has to work on the runway or it is a BIG bust! While Fade’s look is cool, it is not avant-garde. He feels good about it though.

Sean is working on putting the dye into the dress and it is making the white turn colors, even when not wet! Day 2 comes to an end and they are packing up their looks to be sent to their rainway!

Time for Rainway Day on Project Runway 2014 and the designers are working with hair and makeup for their models. Emily’s look looks like a bug. Sandhya’s look is crazy and looks like an alien. There is nothing to Fade’s look and it is so boring. The eyes are just too much for Amanda’s look. Nothing to Sean’s dress, so the dye is key!

It is time for the rainway show and the judges for tonight are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judge tonight is Masters of Sex actress Caitlin Fitzgerald. Here we go:

  • Char – it is a cool look and over-the-top and I like it.
  • Sandhya – the colors are too much and the pinwheels are just awkward
  • Emily – the dress is cute, but not seeing avant-garde here
  • Alexander – it is just like a rain jacket with purple flowers. I am not impressed and he is supposed to be an avant-garde designer.
  • Fade – yet again, it is just plain and there is nothing to it. Cool look, but plain for avant-garde.
  • Korina – I don’t know what she is going with this look and it looks awkward and thrown together
  • Amanda – this is hideous and the eyes are just awkward, but it could be avant-garde. She did lose some eyes along the way.
  • Kini – I am loving this and the umbrella skirt is amazing and this is avant-garde to me!
  • Sean – he nailed it! The dye works and everyone is loving it and he probably beat Kini again!

Heidi said it was an amazing runway show tonight. Amanda, Char and Alexander are safe tonight. That means the remaining designers have the highest and lowest scores on Project Runway Season 13 tonight.

Time for the critique from the Project Runway judges 2014:

  • Kini – Heidi said what a clever idea and it shows he has great imagination and she loves it. Caitlin felt the hat was accidental. Nina said it was very dramatic and she loved it. Zac said he did a wonderful job and we all lit up when this came on the runway and he has great technique.
  • Korina – Heidi said she was not very impressed with this look. Caitlin said if it was made out of metal, it would have been so cool and looks like a Halloween costume. Zac said it felt lackluster. Nina said it had the potential to be something great, but it felt unfinished. Zac said she is lucky she has immunity.
  • Sandhya – Heidi said her look made her feel very happy and it has this fun aspect. Zac said she has such a strong signature. Caitlin loves the pinwheels, but thinks it should be stepped up a little. Nina likes it, but it is on the brink of being circusy.
  • Fade – Nina said the button makes it look gimmicky. Heidi said it doesn’t look strong enough. Caitlin likes the graphic nature, but she missed the relationship with the rain. Zac said the technique does not feel electric.
  • Sean – Heidi said she loved how this dress became alive in the rain and it was a special moment he created. Caitlin said this was so exciting and like a fairytale. Nina said she loves the way he thinks and he used the elements to change the dress. Zac said he thought it could be gimmicky, but when it is effective it works.
  • Emily – Zac said it felt like a cliche of a fashion show. Caitlin likes the way the rain came off the shoulder pads, but wondered if it was filling up the dress and it did not feel cohesive. Nina said it feels very dated. Heidi did not hate it as much as the other judges, but we have seen it before.

The judges have taken a closer look at the designs and the designers are back on the rainway for tonight’s results! Here we go:

  • Winning Designer – Sean and Kini (the judges loved them both and could not choose between them)!!!
  • Safe – Sandhya, Korina and Emily
  • Eliminated Designer – Fade

What do you think of the results on Project Runway 2014 tonight?

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