While we were all glad to see Korina eliminated last week on Project Runway 2014 and finally be done with her, it looks like the producers are bringing her back tonight on Project Runway Season 13 to help out the remaining designers! From the previews, it looks like she might not be staying and I would be completely fine with that, as she was partnered with Char and wants none of it! Watch with us during our Project Runway 2014 Recap and see who went home on Project Runway 2014 tonight!

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Last week on Project Runway Season 13, the designers were working in pairs and had to bid on storage units to get the materials they would be using for their looks! They actually came up with some really good looks, but we saw Char and Korina in the bottom two spots and the Project Runway judges 2014 could not pick the worse look, so they have them a new challenge: one hour to make a winning new look. Korina never had a chance, as she was focused on how bad Char was and how she shouldn’t be in that situation to actually create a new look. The judges sent Korina home and everyone breathed a sigh of relief!

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Who stays and who goes home tonight on Project Runway Season 13? Find out below in our recap starting soon!


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Here we go…it is the morning and the designers are sleeping, but knock knock on the door and in comes Tim Gunn, who tells them to meet him on the roof in ten minutes!

CHALLENGE: This is the Lexus Challenge, so the designers will be creating a street chic look inspired by New York City. It can be worn any day of the week and is fashionable and progressive. The designers will be hitting the streets in a Lexus and find their inspiration in the streets! They have two days for this challenge.

The designers get their cameras and head out in their Lexus cars for some inspiration. Amanda is reacting to the graffiti and lines and bright colors. Emily has been wanting to make this awesome, mega hoodie and it hasn’t fit into any challenge, but she thinks it will fit now. Kini said he has to do something with denim. They get their inspiration and then head to Mood to get some materials with their $200 budget!

Back in the workroom and Amanda said she has a ton of pattern work, so she is focused on that for Day 1. We all know that this is a two-day challenge and way too easy right now, so what will Tim be throwing at them??? The designers have so much time on their hands, so they all sit down to eat and Char said she felt the negative energy from Korina. They are all having fun and say the tense feeling is gone with Korina gone, but that should soon change! Day 1 comes to an end!

Day 2 arrives and the designers walk into the workroom and their are five losing looks and they all want to know what is going on! In comes Tim with the dreaded news! They will have a second challenge and will be taking one of the losing looks and create a winning look from it. It does not have anything to do with the first look, but two separate challenges. They have a budget of $100 and can get more material at Mood!

  • Emily takes Samantha’s dress
  • Char takes Korina’s look
  • Amanda takes Fade’s look
  • Kini takes Mitchell’s look
  • Sean is stuck with Sandhya’s doll look!

The designers head to Mood and get more material. Back in the workroom and Tim said they have a lot to do, so they will get assistants! They are the designers of the losing looks. Of course, they will get the designer of the look they picked and that means Char gets Korina and Korina is pissed!!! Korina said she is so upset still and it is clear she should not be here. Um, then why did you agree to come back??? Tim said it is fine, so Korina leaves the workroom! So, her piss poor attitude from last week continues this week. So, who wants to hire her as a designer????

Tim said they will get another helper for Char. Sandhya thanks Sean for picking her look and they all laugh since he got stuck with it! Tim comes back and he has Alexander with him, who will be Char’s helper and she is beyond happy!

Time for Tim’s critique: for Amanda, he said he is crazy about it and is in full support of what she is doing. For Emily, he tells her to differentiate the look from something someone can go out and buy right now. She said she is so into her street chic look that she isn’t paying attention to the redux look, which could come back to hurt her. For Char, he is not happy with the pocket she put into the skirt and thinks it looks odd, but she is keeping it there! He tells her to ramp it up on the redux look. For Kini, he thinks the street chic look is not enough and you can go into Michael Kors and get it! For Sean, he said it is looking like a uniform for a service worker! For the redux look, he thinks the white looks inexpensive.

Sean is now freaking out and has a lot of work to do. Emily is giving Samantha all the work to do on the redux look and not even caring, so Emily is going home….I am calling it now and it will be the redux look that is her nail in the coffin! The models come in for their fitting and all the designers have a lot to do still. Kini has Mitchell digging through the trash for scrap pieces of fabric! The day comes to an end and they all want to make it to Fashion Week!

It is runway day on Project Runway Season 13 and the designers seem to be loving each other’s work. Positivity instead of the negativity from Korina? This is weird! The work is done and everyone gets their looks completed, so they head off to the runway!!!

Time for the runway show on Project Runway 2014 and the judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judge tonight is Shay Mitchell! Here we go:

  • Amanda – Her street chic look is awesome and the patterns are so cool looking. She made it work with the redux look, but it might be a little too revealing!
  • Emily – the fabric is kind of rotten for the street chic look. The redux look is very, very boring and been done before.
  • Sean – Love the street chic look and has some funky design to it. The redux look is kind of cool, but the fringe is too much for me to handle.
  • Char – I am liking the skirt for the redux look, but what is this tube top??? For the redux look, she did a black dress from all the materials in Korina’s look???
  • Kini – Love everything about this. The skirt is so great and the jacket is done so well. for the redux look, he classed up that red dress and I love the sleeve he added to it!

Time for the critiques from the judges:

  • Kini – Heidi said she loves the trench coat, but does not love what is underneath. Shay loves the top, but wanted a sleek skirt. Nina said it is too much together. Zac said he needs to edit himself and the redux look is a great example of this. Heidi said the gown is so beautiful. Nina said it is extraordinaire what he has done.
  • Emily – Heidi said she doesn’t mind the street chic look, but not sure if it is time for it and it looks like a pajama. Zac said it is cooler on it’s own and it looks homeless with the hoodie. Shay likes it with the oversized sweater, but wanted less underneath. Nina said she has a style and she does not see her in the redux look. Zac said neither look would be runway ready.
  • Amanda – Nina said her street chic look was great and she loved it, but be leery of the accessorizing. Shay said it is a little bit bare. Heidi said she loved her street style and loves the colors she chose and it is perfect. For the redux, she said it is borderline nightclub worker. Zac said he is a big fan of the street chic dress.
  • Char – Nina said she has a nice eye for color, but it needs to look effortless and she has a lot on that skirt. Zac said she has great ideas and if they were executed well, then it would work out. Shay said the street chic look is fun, but the redux look can add weight in the wrong places. Heidi said she is torn on both the looks.
  • Sean – Heidi said it is fantastic and he is a genius and the cut of the skirt is so unusual and the way he cut it, she has never seen anything like it. Shay said it would definitely pop on the streets. Nina said it is one of the best pieces she has seen on Project Runway. Heidi said the redux look is like a costume and not good at all. Zac said the street chic look was amazing.

Time for the judges to take a closer look at all the designs tonight on Project Runway 2014. It looks like the red dress saves Kini, the street chic look saves Amanda and the street chic look saves Sean. Then it is a matter of Char and Emily and if the judges want to send them both home or give one of them a spot at Fashion Week. I think they’ll send Emily home and Char moves on. What do you think?

The designers on Project Runway Season 13 are back on the runway and time for the results!

  • Heading to Fashion Week: Kini, Sean, Amanda and Char
  • Eliminated Designer: Emily

What do you think of the results on Project Runway Season 13 tonight?

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