Time for the designers on Project Runway 2014 to team up again and work in pairs for the Lexus Challenge on Project Runway Season 13 tonight! Only six designers remain, but they will be working together to move on step closer to showing at Fashion Week. Christian Siriano will be a guest judge, so come watch with us during our Project Runway 2014 Recap and see who went home on Project Runway 2014 tonight!

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Last week on Project Runway Season 13, the designers hit the streets and had to find their muse for the week! Yup, it was the Mary Kay Makeover Challenge and the designers had to find women on the streets of New York City willing to get a makeover. The shocking thing was that the designers struggled finding women that wanted makeovers! We saw some drama, as Char’s muse broke the zipper to her outfit right before they left for the runway show. Tim Gunn asked the other designers if she could get some more time to sew in the zipper and they agreed, but really didn’t want to and felt she got another Tim Gunn Save! Alexander Knox was told his look was hideous by Tim during his critique, so he changed it up and the judges were not impressed and sent him home!

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Who stays and who goes home tonight on Project Runway Season 13? Find out below in our recap starting soon!


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Here we go…the designers are in their apartments and they wake up to tablets in their rooms! It is a special message from Heidi Klum, who tells them to head to the Brooklyn Navy Yard to meet Tim Gunn and he has the key to their success today.

CHALLENGE: They meet Tim, who is standing in front of some storage units. He tells them they contain their materials they will use this week. He uses the button bag to pick partners:

  • Amanda and Kini
  • Korina and Emily
  • Sean and Char

It is an auction and each team has $500 and paddles! There are five storage units and they get to bid on the units they want. They will have two days to create their looks and they must make two cohesive looks based on their findings. Korina & Emily buy the first unit for $25, which contains a lot of couches and furniture. Amanda & Kini get the second unit for $190 and it contains children’s toys and beach balls. Sean & Char get the third bin for $65 and it contains a dresser and not much else. The fourth unit has a lot of fabric and textiles and a wedding dress and Korina & Emily get it for $305. The last unit goes to Char & Sean for $325 (because they had the most money left) and it contains a lot of good stuff, like fabrics and leather.

The designers now have 30 minutes to pull out whatever they want to bring back from their units. They all seem to be good to go except Amanda and Kini, who don’t have much fabric to work with and will be making a lot of textiles!

They are back in the workroom and Sean is not happy to be working with Char and he seems to have to babysit her. Of course, Korina has to rip on Char for her camera time. Day 1 goes smooth for everyone and no one is having issues. Korina and Emily barely talk, but have their ideas on the same page. Char is behind on her jacket, so Sean is going to have to help her the next day and the day comes to an end.

Day 2 arrives and Kini & Amanda are feeling good and think they will win because they are the only ones that have color. Tim comes in and shocks them, as they will have to add a third look into their collection and it must be cohesive and made mostly of fabric! However, they will be going to Mood to shop a little. They have 15 minutes to discuss the new looks and then Amanda, Sean and Korina head out shopping and the others stay back to work. Korina is not sure of the fabric, but makes a decision and goes.

Back in the workroom and Tim comes in for his critique: He tells Emily her look is Spongebob Squarepants and wonders if she took it far enough. He says the collection is not dull and does not look like a joke. He is concerned that Sean’s look will look like a bell and questions Char’s look. He said that Kini & Amanda’s is a lot of looks. And one of the looks looks like a teenage hooker. He is not impressed by them at all!

After the critiques, Kini & Amanda are not feeling good and decide to go in a whole new direction! They change all the looks up and I am loving it! They are so good and Kini is so fast! Emily & Korina are feeling confident. The models come in for their fittings and everyone is feeling good about their looks. Sean has a dress that seems to be showing the model’s goods, so he needs to work on that. They all do their work and Day 2 comes to an end!

It is runway day and the designers on Project Runway 2014 are working on finishing up their looks. Sean & Char’s looks are very difficult for their models to walk in, so that could hurt them. They all get the looks together and here come the runway show! The judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judge tonight is Christian Siriano. Here we go:

  • Amanda & Kini – Loving the pants with that fabric and the shirt is cute with it. The soccer ball dress is very well done and the coat is so good, but not sure of them together. Love the painting added into the shirt for the last look and the tabletop dress is amazingly well done and all so cohesive!
  • Sean & Char – The jacket is great, but the dress is plain underneath. Second look has a terrible skirt and the top is a little boring. The final look is a nice dress, but she can’t walk with the lamp shade. Love the back and it is a cohesive collection.
  • Korina & Emily – I am liking the sweater and the colors. Love the jacket on the second look, but the shoulders are a little too much. The final look has way too many layers and parts to it and not a fan. The collection has a cohesive feel to it.

Time for the Project Runway judges 2014 to give their critiques:

  • Kini & Amanda – Nina said she really likes this. She thinks the soccer ball dress is incredible, but puts the fur jacket with the pants outfit. Zac said the soccer ball dress is sensational. Heidi said they are the most creative group here today and it was great. Christian said he pictures young musicians wearing these looks.
  • Sean & Char – Zac said definitely cohesion and he is a big fan of the moving jacket. He said shame on him for the lampshade dress. Christian said the proportions are not right and the blue in the back is beautiful. Heidi said they were very safe and that is not exciting. Nina said the coat is outstanding and there is a level of cohesion that she appreciates.
  • Emily & Korina – Nina said there is nothing contemporary here and it looks so dated. Heidi said she did not mind it as much and liked it and they had a clear concept. Christian said they are looks and maybe if that cape wasn’t there and the dress is nice. Nina said she has seen Korina doing this theme.

The judges discuss all the looks and they said there are likes and dislikes of every look. Here are the results:

  • Winning Designer – Kini
  • Safe – Amanda, Emily and Sean

That leaves us with Korina and Char, who they said it was too close to decide. They now have one hour to make one more look from the fabric left over from this and other challenges, which will be in the workroom for them! They have 60 minutes and get to use the help of their partner from this challenge.

They are in the workroom and get started. Char wanted to do a tight look, but Sean tells her to do a flowing look since the judges knocked the tightness. Korina is bitching and complaining the whole time and ripping on Char. Her model joins in and Emily is over it and said it is all negative and it will show in her dress! She can’t finish her look and will pin her in and Char has a nice dress. Korina may have said enough that Char has already been eliminated. Yeah, it is called the Tim Gunn Save and you would want it used on you too, so get over it bitch!

Time for the runway show:

  • Korina – not a cute dress and pretty boring and it looks bad construction-wise
  • Char – love this whole look. It is a great dress and color and design.

Now the judges’ critique:

  • Char – Heidi said that she is very impressed with the look and the length is good and sexy. Nina said the color and cape and she is runway ready. Christian said he loves it and there is so much life in this dress.
  • Korina – Heidi said it is impressive what she did, but she could have done it in a different fabric. Zac said she delivered a pretty good dress. Christian said in an hour she did well. Nina said it is ambitious and she did well for an hour.

The judges discuss the two looks and it appears that Char will be moving on and Korina eliminated, but you just never know. Who do you think should be eliminated?

Back in front of the judges and Char is safe and Korina has been eliminated and is a bitch again backstage. She calls out Char and said she was already eliminated and no one saw this coming. Char stands up for herself, but then Korina said this is not about her. Um, you made it about her! Ugh, so glad she is gone!!!

What do you think of the results on Project Runway Season 13 tonight?

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