While the auditions in Baton Rouge for American Idol 2013 didn’t seem to produce much talent, there were some people that stood out to the new American Idol judges 2013 and one happened to be Paul Jolley. He had a good story to make America love him, but he also had a country voice that would also make America love him on American Idol Season 12. You can check out the Paul Jolley audition for American Idol 2013 video below.

You can judge for yourself, but the American Idol 2013 judges happened to fall in love with Paul Jolley. Nicki Minaj said he had this sparkle in his eyes and Mariah Carey said that he exuded confidence when he sang and Keith Urban said there was just a confidence in his voice. Those were all sparkling reviews for Paul, which obviously meant that he was getting a Golden Ticket to Hollywood, right? You bectha and not only that, but he is also rumored to have made the Top 40 on American Idol 2013!

Do you think Paul Jolley is worthy of being in the Top 40? I think he has a great voice and the story about his Grandpa passing away a few weeks ago and his Grandma crying when he came out of his audition…that just equals votes in America’s eyes. It also doesn’t hurt his case that he is an attractive guy! The little girls and their texting in votes is what wins American Idol nowadays and country singers often do well, so Paul might have a good chance.

Check out his audition here and tell me if you would vote for him on American Idol Season 12:

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