American Idol 2010: Top 12 Sing Tonight on FOX

| March 16, 2010 at 8:00 AM EDT

Get ready for some Rolling Stones tonight as the Top 12 Finalists get ready to sing for our votes on American Idol Season 9.  Tune in at 7C/8E on FOX.

Be sure to join us in the chat room and discuss it as it unfolds.  It should be an interesting night to see who actually tries to mimic the vocal talents of Mick Jagger.  Here’s to hoping they can change the songs up and make them their own.  See ya tonight!

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The Celebrity Apprentice, all about the Dolla Bills Y’all!

| March 15, 2010 at 6:33 AM EDT

Even though I liked the premiere of last night’s “The Apprentice”, I’m not so sure the money angle is the way to go so soon! I just think if it’s going to be all about the “dolla dolla bills”, they need to get the rich instead of the famous!

I say this all the time, but fame does NOT mean money….the money’s made behind the scenes, so when you hear Cyndi talk about how she doesn’t have many rich friends why are people surprised? She hasn’t had a current hit in years, unless I’m mistaken….I certainly haven’t heard anything from her! She’s still riding the wave of fame she got in the 80’s, which makes her able to play out live for a paycheck, but big money? No way!

I think they should level the playing field a bit, by making it more about the task then who’s got the richest contact list! And the people I like, would benefit from the money angle, and I’m STILL saying maybe it shouldn’t be that way!

In the final task I have no problem with this, but the 1st week? I think there’s so much more to judge on who gets fired or not, other than who brought the most money in…granted Carol wasn’t fired specifically for that, but it didn’t help her that she didn’t have much money brought in! And down the road, you KNOW this is going to be an issue!

As far as the 1st episode? I think Ashley nailed it! For me, I’m digging the fella’s on this one…sorry ladies! You know I usually side with ya, but I just don’t like many of the girls! It’s not like I hate anyone(although Cyndi’s already working on my nerves) but most of the girls fall into my “don’t really care” category…I LOVE Sharon, I like Maria, but that’s about it!

I love Trump’s ability to take control over the celebs….lol…when he went off about Rosie, I actually clapped while laughing hysterically! I love that! Rosie does suck…she deserves everything he throws at her, and before she boo hoo’s about it on youtube, she needs to save it cuz she would do the same if she had a show, which thank goodness she doesn’t!

I don’t think Carol deserved to go home, I think Cyndi should be gone…and btw, can Cyndi tone down the drama already? I was almost embarrassed for her in the boardroom…can she come off looking any dumber?

If it’s gonna be about the money, I think we can pretty much guess ourselves who will last and who will be FIRED! And BTW, that IS my favorite catch phrase for a reality show exit! LOL…


The Celebrity Apprentice Season Premiere Recap

| March 14, 2010 at 11:00 PM EDT

Donald Trump is back and ready to fire as the third installment of The Celebrity Apprenticebegins.  We have another all star cast ready to make some money for their various charities.  For the guys we have Darryl Strawberry, Bret Michaels, Bill Goldberg, Michael Johnson, Rod Blagojevich, Sinbad and Curtis Stone.  The women include: Cyndi Lauper, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete, Selita Ebanks, Maria Kanellis, Carol Leifer and Summer Sanders.  To learn more about the contestants and the charities they are playing for visit the website at

Trump meets the new contestants in the Grand Central Terminal in NY and divides them into teams of male and female.  He tells them to choose a name and pick the project manager for the other team.  He also gives out the first assignment of running a diner.  The women choose the name Tenacity and the men choose RockSolid.  Cyndi Lauper is the project manager for the women and Bret Michaels for the men. 

The Task:  Both teams will run a diner which entails cooking the food, waiting on tables, busing tables, planning the menu and bringing in business.  The guys seem to have a distinct advantage with Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone on their side.

The teams ran their diners very differently with the men serving $100 burgers and $250 risotto with truffles while the women stuck with a $25 menu.  Both teams did a great job making their phone calls and drumming up some high rollers for the competition.  Trump call in last year’s winner Joan Rivers to visit both diners and give her opinion on who had the best food.  Whomever she chooses will get to add $10,000 to their final amount.

The Boardroom:  Joan chose the women to win the additional money and even with that they were far short of the men.  They made $39,000 to the guys $57,000.  Donald rounded up to a nice $100,000 for Bret Michael’s charity, American Diabetes Foundation. 

Donald got a little upset with the women because they wouldn’t tell him who should be fired or throw anyone under the bus so he had to do a little cussing to convince them to speak up.  In the end Comedian Carol Leifer heard the dreaded words, “You’re Fired.”

Do you think the women made a wise decision with this move?


The Amazing Race 16: Episode 5 Recap

| March 14, 2010 at 9:24 PM EDT

This episode of The Amazing Race begins with teams taking a bus from Germany to an undetermined place in France.  Jeff and Jordan came in last place at a non elimination leg last week and have to do an extra speed bump in order to complete this part of the race.

The detectives set out first and remain in the lead the entire way.  Each team must drive to a bakery and buy a baguette which has a clue inside telling them to go to what is probably the craziest Detour ever.  A mock World War I battlefield is the setting for this contest and the players get dressed up as French soldiers and choose between crawling under a barbed wire obstacle course or deciphering a Morse code.  Everyone chooses to crawl on their bellies with fire and bombs going off around them. 

The detectives are out first and have the option to give one of the teams a blind u turn.  They decide Joe and Heidi need a dose of humble pie so they choose them and poor Joe and Heidi are having a hard time trying to figure out the Morse code.  Several teams pass them and it is starting to look like they are not going to make it.

But wait, Brent and Caite arrive at the pit stop 6th only to find out they never received one of their clues and must go back and retrieve it.  They make it back to the pit stop still in 6th place.

Jeff and Jordan still have to do their speed bump and we finally see the bickering between the two.  I’m holding my breath wanting Joe and Heidi to get it together but they do not.  Sadly they never figured out the code and Phil has to come find them and give them the bad news that they have been eliminated.

Louie and Michael come in first again and both receive a 55″ HDTV.  How do you like the teams left in the race?


Celebrity Apprentice Premiere’s Sunday Night on NBC

| March 12, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST

Donald Trump is back with a diverse cast for this season of Celebrity Apprentice.  He is ready to quote those famous words, “you’re fired” and may do just that in the two hour season premiere on Sunday at 8C/9E.

 There’s going to be live tweeting during the premiere from two of the cast members! Ivanka Trump ( will be live tweeting during the EST
broadcast and Holly Robinson Peete ( will be live tweeting during the PST broadcast on Sunday. This is an awesome way to get some insight into the episode and what goes on behind-the-scenes from the stars themselves!

Find out how far Rod Blagojevich is willing to go to become the next Celebrity Apprentice.

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