When you have a struggling network, in order to save the ratings you bring out the big dogs and that is what Oprah Winfrey is doing as she interviewed Justin Bieber on Oprah’s Next Chapter Season 2. Oprah has snagged some big interviews for her OWN Network, including the Kardashian gang, Whitney Houston’s family, Rihanna, Olympian Gabbie Douglas and Usher. Those are some big names and it looks like it continues tonight on Oprah’s Next Chapter 2012, as she sits down with the singing sensation Justin Bieber.

Of course they are going to talk up this interview, but it is supposed to be the most in-depth interview Bieber has ever done. Oprah sat down with him in Chicago and everything is put on the table. You know all those fans will be making sure to tune in tonight, so you can’t blame Oprah for booking this interview guest. They talk about everything from his rise to fame to his mother to his relationship with Selena Gomez, which now has ended. The pop star is surely going to bring an increase in the ratings for Oprah.

Oprah said she hasn’t done an interview like this since she interviewed Michael Jackson back in 1993. That is quite a feat for Justin Bieber, but his huge fan base and the likes of Facebook and Twitter, times are different now than in 1993 and fans feel so connected with these pop stars. Come back from my Justin Bieber on Oprah’s Next Chapter recap and find out what Oprah thinks sets Justin apart from Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson and find out the one thing Oprah really wanted to know about Justin Bieber!

I find it ironic that Oprah is comparing Justin Bieber to The Beatles, Elivs Presley and Michael Jackson. She said the girls are now swooning over this generation’s superstar, Justin Bieber. She met him two years ago on his show and now he is 18 years old and he is one of the biggest stars out there. He is trying to sound older and moving from the teen to the adult. Oprah gets to get a backstage pass at his concert in Chicago.

They meet at Ralph Lauren’s RL Bar & Grill to talk over french fries. He seems like a very nice guy, or is it just for the cameras? She said we are in 100 countries, so watch out for Justin Bieber. They cleared out the restaurant for them and he says it has been about a year and a half since he has been able to go out to dinner without being interrupted. He said his favorite food is TGI Fridays.

Justin said he tries to be as normal as he can be with the abnormal life that he has. He is the most watched person on YouTube, with over 3 billion views. Justin said he has never been on a plane before any of this and was never out of Canada. Scooter Braun was the man who found Justin and Usher signed him to his first contract.

During his show, he does a “One Less Lonely Girl” act where he takes a girl on stage and serenades her. Oprah got to pick out the girl this time and she got emotional over it…get over it Oprah!

He said he feels he is always trying to sneak in and out of places quickly, like James Bond. Oprah asks how he can trust people during this all and he said he has the people around him from the beginning and he only has a few friends. He said he isn’t changing, but he is just growing up. He wants it to be about his music and respect his music, not just be a teen star.

Oprah said there has never been a star like him. She said he is a product of social media and there has never been a star like him. He said he is really able to connect to his fans and he can read their comments and it is interesting. He said they know there are millions of them, so they know he can’t reply to all of them. He said his album is called Believe and he tries to tell his fans there is always something to believe in.

He was 12 years old and went outside Avon Theater and was just singing with a guitar. He said he never thought that it would turn out to something where he was sitting down for an interview with Oprah. He tells Oprah he does feel lonely sometimes and he has his days where he gets down and gloomy and he is just human.

Oprah asks if he is at a critical point in his career where he must go from a teen star to an adult musician. He said yes and there are a lot of Justin Bieber haters out there. He thinks people are rooting for him and people waiting for him to make a mistake, because a lot of teen stars do that. He said he has to remember to take time for himself and to talk to people about what he is going through.

Pattie Mallette was only 18 years old when she had Justin. He said she is the nicest woman in the world, but she is also a mom. She wrote a memoir, Nowhere But Up, and detailed a childhood of molestation and drugs and a bad relationship with Justin’s father. They are now friends and she is proud of the father that he has become. His father has two children now, so Justin is a big brother! He said he loves spending time with them.

Justin’s parents were the same age as he is now and he said he couldn’t imagine having a baby right now, even though there were rumors last year. A 20-year-old girl claimed he was the father of her child and he denied it and he took a DNA test to prove her wrong and in not a shocker, she dropped the lawsuit against him. Do you think he is the father?

Justin Bieber on Oprah tells her he bought his first house when he was 18 years old, which they show a picture and it is absolutely insane. The house is huge! He said he loves buying gifts for his Mom and his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. They have been on and off since 2010. His fans were outraged, but now it looks like they are not together. Selena got death threats on Twitter and he hopes the fans know he can;t be single forever. He said he is all about genuine people and she has a good heart and he can talk to her about anything. Justin said he never wants her to be separated from him because he is not ashamed by her.

He said he wants to be married by the time he is 25, but Oprah tells him to rethink that. She thinks he needs to discover himself and it is hard to do in the business. He said he wants a handful of children. How many of you want to have those babies for him?

Justin looks up to Michael Jackson’s career and how hard he worked, but he wants to be remembered as himself. He said with everything Michael did you could feel his emotion and wants people to see that in his performances. Oprah asks if he regrets his childhood and missing it. Justin said he doesn’t feel like he missed his childhood. Oprah said he didn’t get to go to prom, but he got to go to the American Music Awards.

Justin said it wasn’t just him putting up videos on YouTube and then he was an instant star. For two years, he went to all these radio stations and tried to get them to like him and the hard work paid off. He thinks God blessed him with these gifts and he needs to share it with the world. Oprah said what you put out you will get back in return and she felt the love during his concert. The dream he holds the clearest in his heart right now is to win a Grammy, since he has never won one yet.

Oprah questions him on his favorite things:

  • CD – Thriller
  • Can’t Live Without Item While On Tour – Laptop and Cell Phone
  • Cereal – Crunch Berries or Frosted Mini Wheats
  • TV Show – Smallville or Friends
  • Favorite Celebrity Crush – Beyonce
  • Favorite Place In The World – Japan

Oprah said he is just as lovely and impressive and great that she knew he would be and she said he is not a kid any more. Oprah gives Justin the maturity stamp of approval.

Justin pulls in two girls to take a picture with and they die. Oprah and Justin then do some shopping at the Ralph Lauren store. They buy a cute little dress for his little sister. He can’t leave out his little brother, so they buy him a little outfit as well.

They then head outside of the restaurant and he surprised all the fans outside with a quick little concert. The girls go crazy and and he snaps some pictures and the interview ends! We get to see some outtakes of the two of them shooting the promo commercials, which are super funny!

What did you think of Justin Bieber on Oprah’s Next Chapter?

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