These past few weeks Beyonce has been everywhere and now she made her way to OWN with Oprah Winfrey, as Oprah interviews her for Oprah’s Next Chapter Season 2. Why not get a superstar like Beyonce for your struggling network? Oprah interviews Beyonce on Oprah’s Next Chapter 2013 and it should bring in some ratings for the struggling network. Check out the Beyonce interview with Oprah on OWN right here.

Beyonce Interview with Oprah

They meet at the The London Hotel in New York City and Beyonce said she is nervous about the premiere of her documentary on HBO called Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream, which happened to be in just a few hours from their interview.

Oprah asks about the power surge at Super Bowl 2013 and if she caused it. Beyonce said she think she did, but thought it was a great moment and she felt like she won the Super Bowl. Oprah said it was what magic really is. Beyonce said she never worked harder in her life for 12 minutes of her life. Oprah said she met the moment and made us all feel like we could do that too.

Beyonce and her mother celebrated that night and she had her first drink with her mother, who doesn’t drink. Her mother made 100 costumes for the dancers on stage and they needed to celebrate.

As far as Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream, Oprah said she found it to be personal, riveting, intimate and empowering. Oprah said she opened herself up like no one expected. Beyonce said she battled with the edit and in the end she just jumped. She said the story just connects the dots in her life and it was time to share her story.

Beyonce talks about having to let her father go as a manager being one of the hardest things she has ever done, but it is a part of life and a part of growth. Matthew Knowles was her manager for 20 years, but in March 2011 she announced she was dropping her father as the manager. Beyonce said they both knew it was time. She said the documentary helped her in so many ways and it was like therapy.

On Oprah’s Next Chapter Season 2, Oprah said she is like the ruler of the world. Beyonce said she is a mother and that is what she is most proud of. She said her documentary was done for years and could have released it, but it was not complete, but didn’t know how to complete it. It was being pregnant and having Blue Ivy and she has her story to tell. In the documentary, Beyonce shares the fact that she had a miscarriage. She said it was the hardest thing she had ever gone through. Beyonce said that her daughter introduced her to herself.

Beyonce said that Blue Ivy is hilarious and she is fire and she is going to be a lot to handle. She said that Jay-Z is a different human being and she is so lucky. She definitely wants another child, but it was important for her to do what she loves and performing and maybe after this next tour maybe have another baby.

Beyonce said she would not be the woman she is if she did not go home to Jay-Z. She said they were friends first for a year and a half before they went on a date. They kept their dating lives private, which is why she thinks they can still do that now.

She used Sasha Fierce as an alter ego in her music, but she said now she feels she is using herself in the music and she is more connected to her art and Sasha Fierce lives within her all the time. She said she always knew who she was and never felt the need to follow anyone or do what anyone else is doing.

What’s next for Beyonce? She said she is in the studio and going on tour and she is trying to learn time management and learning how to take things slow. She said she is working it out on Oprah’s Next Chapter Season 2. She said her daughter has been her balance.

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