It is the interview that everyone wanted and the queen of all media landed: Oprah Winfrey sits down with Lindsay Lohan tonight on Oprah’s Next Chapter 2013. Oprah conducts a great interview, but will she probe Lindsay about her personal life and alcohol/drug issues post-rehab? Lindsay Lohan has signed on to do a show for OWN Network, so how hard will Oprah be on Lindsay? Find out in my Oprah’s Next Chapter Season 2 Recap as Oprah interviews Lindsay Lohan!

Oprah and LIndsay Lohan

Once Oprah left her daytime talk show after 100 years of being on the air, she started her own television network called OWN. It got off to a rough start and the ratings were very dismal for all the shows, including a talk show for Rosie O’Donnell. Oprah took things into her own hands and returned to the screen doing what she does best: sitting down and chatting with some of the big newsmakers of the time.

Oprah’s Next Chapter has gone on to be a big success for OWN Network and Oprah has sat down with everyone from the Miami Heat after the victory in the NBA Finals to Lance Armstrong, Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Chelsea Handler. Now she gets the interview many networks and journalists wanted: Lindsay Lohan!

It has been a whirlwind of a time for Lindsay over the past several years. She started as the child movie star and has seemed to go downhill these past few years. From arrests and family drama, she has seen the inside of jail and rehab facilities plenty of times. She just completed her latest stint in rehab and sits down with Oprah to discuss it on Oprah’s Next Chapter 2013. Our recap starts very soon!

Here we go…we start with the highs of the child star and then the big downfall of her and her career, but will this be the comeback to her career.

Oprah starts out saying they talked before without cameras and what her intentions are. Lindsay just wants to be herself. She has been out of rehab for four days now and she feels fine. She said in Malibu rehab she was able to go out and hike, so it wasn’t so much a bubble. This was her sixth time in rehab!

We go through all her rehab stints and why she was there and how she felt. Lindsay said she was terrified hearing she was going to jail in July 2010. She was sentenced to 90 days, but served two weeks because of jail overcrowding. She had chaos all over in her life and she almost wanted to go to jail just to find some peace and have no choice but to sit and be her. Oprah asked how desperate is that that going to jail to find some peace! Seeing her families’ faces in that courtroom was too much for her to handle.

Lindsay said she just hit a wall this last time. She told her attorney that she should go to rehab for the three months and work on herself.

She said she can only take each moment and she does not have control over what happens tomorrow. She said she is more grounded this time and she does not need to go to outside places to feel. She said she is an addict and alcohol is her drug of choice. She said she has done cocaine 10-15 times and it was a party thing, but never enjoyed it. Who believes that???

Oprah said that alcohol is always a coverup of something else going on. She asked if she is ready to take on those other things now. Lindsay said that is what she has been working on the past few months and it is something she should have worked on a long time ago. She said she was addicted to chaos and it was a comfortable chaos for her.

What’s going to be different this time? Lindsay said she is not going to be taking adderall, which is different for her. She notices she is more calm now while not taking it. She could sleep and eat on it. She is just on vitamins right now and no prescriptions. On Oprah’s Next Chapter 2013, Lindsay is trying to regain the trust of people in her career. She said she thinks she can turn it around as long as she is honest with herself and she is her own worst enemy.

At 18 years old, she was making $7 million a movie! She said she was wasting money and no one was there to help her guide the money. She moved to California and things started to go wrong because the people around her did not have her best interests.

She said that going to jail was her big wakeup call and she started to make changes after that, but it took a period of time to get where she is now.

On Oprah’s Next Chapter Season 2, Lindsay said she has not felt this way in a very long time and she wants to continue to feel this way. She wants to get back in the studio. Oprah tells her she is a very talented girl and you can tell that hits Lindsay and she likes it.

She said she has some serious guardian angels if she ever would have hurt someone during the hard times. She said she is close to her family, which is probably a huge reason for her issues. Do you agree?

Oprah asks about her family exploiting her and she said there are some things that she wished would have stayed between their family. There is that fight between her and her Mom and her Dad recorded the phone call. She blames the whole thing on herself and that she lied about her Mom being on cocaine. She laughs about lying, but then tells Oprah that she shouldn’t be laughing. She does not think it was a betrayal of her, but it was between her Mom and Dad. Yeah, her family is nuts and that has been her downfall.

She hates the bad rap that people give her parents and they are just being parents. She does not feel they ever sold her out. She does not think that there is toxicity within the relationship with her mother or father and it was her own doing.

Oprah said when she announced this interview that people got angry with her and that people feel that Lindsay has been given so many chances and she keeps blowing it. Lindsay said it is a process of growing up. Lindsay said if people only knew the real side of things and all side of things. They won’t learn it because that is boring and people don’t want to hear that. She said she can only control her own path of recovery. She said staying clear-headed and focused is the most important for her.

Now we talk about Lindsay’s new movie Canyons and Oprah said it was pretty provocative. Lindsay said she was very nervous. People have this reputation of how she acts onset and they are surprised when she is on time and not appreciating her own time and other people’s time.

She is planning a trip to Europe and Oprah is concerned about that. She is doing yoga and her brother is coming with her. Oprah still thinks it is a terrible idea and we all agree. Lindsay said she is different and she feels different and she is in a different head-space. She is not going there to party, but really? When Oprah tells you to stay, you need to stay girl!

And we get a little snippet, but two days later Lindsay cancelled her trip to Europe.

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