Night number 2 in Dallas on “America’s Got Talent”..

Taylor Matthews was good…especially for 18! But come on…”Over the Rainbow?” did anyone learn ANYTHING with the bad choices of song on AI?? I see him more on a show like AI…he was good no doubt, just not spectacular for me! I feel so bad for anyone that has stage fright like that though! That is the WORST thing for anyone getting ready for a’s “The catch” with playing a cool show..cuz NOTHING can help you get over it except getting on stage and after about 30 seconds, it’s over…none the less, stage fright sucks! Even some of today’s biggest stars experience it…we’ll see what he does in the next round..

We seen a little rapper, C.J. Dippa and yeah right Piers! Move over Eminem? And he LOVES the kids attitude? The kid was good, but NOT that good! The problem for me is, he’s doing the stereotypical “Rap” thing..and to me? THAT’S why most rap sucks! The kid admits to being a “player” at age all I see is wrong after wrong!! Yet the judges encourage him…make him think he’s the S***! That can be a HUGE mistake with young artists, and I realize this is a talent TV show but still! Nothing like making him an arrogant kid huh! Arrogant kids turns into “All about me” adults, it’s how it all starts…Whatever! I would have X-ed him! Sorry…I’m mean like that…lol

I still think there’s way too many people who have no business even being there, but I think that’s the shows point! It highlights their good acts, and I realize that..but it still sucks sometimes watching it, no? Like the turkey baster “musician”? Come on man!! And even though she got the judges attention, mostly Piers when she sat on his knee, I don’t think the burlesque dancer should go through…like Oh boy! A burlesque dancer! For me it would have been BUZZ..NEXT!! LOL

“Arc Attack” was pretty cool…the crowd seemed a little freaked! The genital daredevil guy can go! I mean come on…who wants to see that? I’m like holding myself watching it! That Jenna chic can fill out an app at a strip joint, cuz singing IS not gonna be her thing! Howie had it right with the dolla dolla bills! 1st hand strip club patron! LOL..The karate guy was cool, but cool enough for AGT? Ehh..I guess…even though you know he won’t be a serious contender..For some reason I’m a sucker for the dog acts, so I was glad to see them go through..Ms. Donna was ok I she’s half blind, I can see why they wanted the front rows cleared! LOL..

Tuesday night’s season premiere of “America’s Got Talent” drew 12.3 million television viewers, making it the highest-rated show in its time slot – higher than the popular Fox musical-drama “Glee,” the season opener of Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” the season premiere of ABC’s “Wipeout” and reruns of the CBS drama “NCIS.”..

BTW, I have to apologize for missing “Hell’s Kitchen”!! I’m on it next week for sure! I thought it was on Thursday nights…my bad!

Killer K