Ok, so here’s what could be the shortest blog ever..Niecy Nash NOT “Dancing with the Stars” anymore, no surprise, everyone agrees she was the right choice to leave, there’s 4 couples left! LOL..How’s that? I mean that really could be the whole thing right? In a nutshell? Sure, but what fun would that be?

It really was no surprise that Niecy left, and unlike some of the other contestants, I don’t have any last minute jabs for her on the way out! I liked Niecy Nash this season! I wasn’t impressed with her dancing, but the lady is funny! It’s that “on-the-fly” type humor that really makes someone funny! No writers, no setups or punchlines..just a funny person in general! I also think she tried really hard, and sometimes your best just isn’t good enough! Sad but true..in a perfect world, someone like Niecy would have went on, and tore it up on the dance floor! It just doesn’t work like that..so all you can expect is for someone to give in their all(Hear that Kate Gosselin?), WITH a good attitude, and that’s what I seen from Neicy Nash! From now on, when I hear her name or see her on TV, I’ll pay attention!

Ashley pretty much nailed it with the recap of the dancing on Monday, so I don’t need to go over everyone’s dances, but I will say for the most part the judges and the fans voting at home have got it right! It’s almost shocking how the right people seem to be the ones leaving for that week, like with Niecy! I don’t think anyone would dispute that, right?

I think next week will follow suit, with Chad Ochocinco leaving next! Sorry Blackgirl! Sorry Jeanne! But your “O” man is probably next! I think you both know that’s true, yes? It would be an all out shocker to see any of the other 3 leave before him..again, rightly so..Despite’s Chad’s effort, and improvements, it’s JUST not enough! He’s fallen just a bit short! One of those “Day late, dollar short” things!

Lately I’ve been hearing the “It’s not fair for Nicole to be in this” rumblings a bit more! 1st off, where were you people when I was banging that drum the 1st week! LOL…2nd, I’ve changed my mind on that for a few reasons…I’ll start with, it’s not her fault if no one’s as good as her! It’s not her fault if they don’t cast anyone on her level..all she can do is go out and do her best to win! I think they should cast MORE people with dance experience! It isn’t anything new on the show! What, Drew Lachey ISN’T basically the guy version of Nicole? No no..if you wanna blame anyone? Blame casting!

They can mix in people who don’t dance..but it isn’t fair and doesn’t do anyone any favors! Not to the fans of the show OR the person like Nicole who’s viewed as being “favored” ! Personally I think she’s far and away the best this season..I’d like to see more people would could have actually competed with her, rather than bitching that it isn’t fair that she’s on the show!

I always hear “I like to be entertained”..well? Wouldn’t it be far more entertaining to see more good dancing rather than leveling the playing field with so-so dancing? I think NOT!!

BTW, I think the kids from last season would blow either of those dance teams away on that college dance off!

So we’re down to the final 4..Football player, Chad Ochocinco, Sportscaster Erin Andrews, Singer Nicole Scherzinger and Olympic figure skater Evan Lysacek

Niecy Nash and the other other eliminated “Stars” , Reality TV stars, Kate Gosselin and Jake Pavelka, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Actors Pamela Anderson, Shannen Doherty and Aiden Turner — are expected to return for the season’s final episodes on May 24 and 25.