Dancing with the Stars 10th season came to close with Nicole Scherzinger taking the mirrorball trophy and winning a tight contest over Olympic gold medalist skater Evan Lysacek. Although I thought Nicole was just a half step above Evan and way above everybody else, it really was neck and neck between Nicole and Evan this season!

I thought we were headed for this showdown a few ago! And tonight IMO, the right person won! Nicole worked hard, took the opportunity she was given, and didn’t take anything for granted! She seems very happy to have won! I applaud her and Derek who I mentioned yesterday as being the best professional dancer on the show!

I thought the show was a little long tonight! I thought it could have been an hour and saved everyone a lot of time! I mean did anyone REALLY enjoy the whole Jake and Vienna thing? I do have to admit, I was surprised with Vienna’s dancing! Believe me, I’d love to come on here and shred her…but she was better than I thought! Once it was her and Jake dancing, the floor could have caught fire and I wouldn’t have cared.. just NOT feeling “The Bachelor” love, sorry!

I’m also not…like SOOOO not feeling the Kate Gosselin love..again! I mean what is with this lady? Like, “Blah blah blah…my new show..blah blah blah Kate plus 8” and then proceeds to go on the dance floor and suck it up WORSE than before! Except this time, she’s got this “I don’t give a damn” attitude…like, “Screw all you people!”..directed at people like me, I’m sure! LOL…Then what was that weird cam shot during “I will Survive”? I mean Kate, you just GOTTA get over yourself! Geez! I felt like this was a “Celebrate Kate” segment gone horribly wrong!

I won’t mention all the filler in the episode…believe me, you didn’t miss all that much if you didn’t see it all! I didn’t mind the Pamela and Niecy dances…at least it looked they actually worked on their dances since they’ve been gone!

I thought Nicole and Derek’s dance to “Proud Mary” put the slam dunk on Nicole’s win! Was that some dancing or what?

Despite claims from the judges and critics alike, I do NOT think this was the best season of DWTS!! No WAY!! Maybe you think I’m wrong, and I’m sure you’ll tell me!

I DO however think the person who entertained the most, put on the best dances and eventually won, was the right choice and a deserving winner! NICOLE!!!