It looks like it is road trip time on MasterChef 2015 Season 6 tonight, as the MasterChef Season 6 judges (Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Christina Tosi) and home cooks are making their way to Las Vegas for tonight’s new team challenge! The pressure is on, as they will be working in a steakhouse and then tested even more with steak in the Pressure Test on Master Chef Season 6. Check it out with us tonight during our MasterChef 2015 Season 6 Recap and see who went home on MasterChef 2015 tonight!

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Last week on MasterChef Season 6, the contestants were back in the MasterChef Kitchen for another Mystery Box Challenge! Underneath it was crab and some of the home cooks were freaking out, as they have never cooked crab before. Jesse shined and was the winner and got the big advantage of handing out either sweet or savory corn dishes to the other home cooks. He decided to try and weed out some of the weaker contestants, so he gave them sweet dishes. It worked, as Justin had a pretty bad dish and the judges sent him home!

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Watch the Team Challenge and Pressure Test tonight on MasterChef 2015! Who made it through tonight on MasterChef 2015 Season 6 and who was sent home? Find out in our recap that follows!


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Here we go…

TEAM CHALLENGE – The home cooks arrive in Vegas on a rooftop that looks amazing! I guess Dan had to leave the show on his own and everything is okay (maybe he had a modeling gig), but he is back in Chicago now and that means only 17 home cooks left! For this challenge, they have to cook for 101 guests. Stephen and Shelly had the best dishes, so they’ll be team captains. Stephen had the best dish and he gets to choose between picking his team first or picking the protein (lobster or chicken) first. He picks the team first, so Shelly picks chicken.

  • Red Team – Stephen, Amanda, Charlie, Jesse, Sarah, Olivia, Tommy, Kerry and Nick (he literally picked everyone that Shelly wanted in her mind)!
  • Blue Team – Shelly, Claudia, Christopher, Hetal, Ailsa, Veronica, Katrina and Derrick

They now have 60 minutes to cook an upscale entree for 101 Vegas entertainers! Shelly comes up with a complicated chicken dish that Derrick questions her on, but she is going with it. Stephen is being hardcore, but he has his team in order, whether they like it or not! Chef Ramsay is now questioning the Blue Team and if they can finish that chicken dish in time! Tommy can’t seem to plate food.

The entertainers have arrived and the dishes are heading out. The chicken is not cooking and halfway through service and the Blue Team has not served a dish! Shelly seems to have checked out, so Derrick takes over and Christopher is cooking all the chicken, so what is everyone else doing? Now Tommy burns potatoes for the Red Team and the Blue Team is back on track with the chicken. The Red Team serves all their dishes with eight minutes to spare! Blue Team did catchup, but not enough and they weren’t able to serve eight of their plates, so that is eight less votes for them!

RESULTS – Each performer goes up and votes and the winner of this challenge on MasterChef 2015 is the Red Team with 52 of the votes, so if they had finished those eight other plates maybe the Blue Team could have won! Now the four members of the Blue Team will face the Pressure Test!

PRESSURE TEST – Only four chefs will cook tonight and Shelly gets to save three of them and herself, so she saves Hetal, Veronica and Katrina. It was supposed to be based on the best performances on the team, but clearly she saved the weaker contestants. That means Claudia, Ailsa, Derrick and Christopher will cook tonight! For this test, the home cooks will have to cook a steak to a certain temperature. From there, two of them will then cook another steak to another temperature.

The first steak is New York Strip and cooked to medium rare. Christopher cooks it on the wrong side and Ailsa felt she took it out too early. Chef Ramsay gets the steaks without knowing who cooked which steak and the two best steaks are from Derrick (the best by far) and Claudia (better than three other bad steaks).

For the second steak, Christopher and Ailsa will use Filet Mignon and cooked rare! They are cooking and Christopher takes it out of the oven and doesn’t like the sear, so he puts it back in the pan and now it is on fire! They both get steaks on the plate and time for Gordon to taste them.

RESULTS – Despite his struggles, Christopher still made the better steak (a near perfect steak according to Chef Ramsay), so that means Ailsa is going home and Shelly tried, but failed at sending Derrick or Christopher home and now the target is on her back for them!

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