After the double elimination on MasterChef 2014 last week, the competition was down to the final eight remaining home cooks on Master Chef 2014 and one of them is walking away as the winner of MasterChef Season 5! As much as I hate Leslie at times this season, I think his edit is making him out to be more of a villain than he truly is. And Joe Bastianich needs to take a Xanax and just relax for a few minutes. Either way, the Top 8 on MasterChef 2014 Season 5 face more challenges tonight on FOX! Check out a sneak peek below in our MasterChef 2014 spoilers!

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MasterChef 2014 Season 5 Spoilers - Week 10 Preview 6

For tonight’s new episode, the Top 8 on Master Chef Season 5 will be competing in another Team Challenge and Pressure Test! Here is the official synopsis from FOX:

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The Top 8 chefs split into pairs and are tasked to prepare chicken dishes using various parts of the bird; and the members of the bottom two teams later face elimination during three pressure tests.”

The pressure will be on for these Top 8 home cooks and the judges are not giving them any slack! This is the second time that the home cooks will work in pairings, but this time while breaking down a chicken. Chef Gordon Ramsay is going to show them how it is done, as seen in the MasterChef 2014 preview video below! Check out some photos from the challenge here:

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Now take a sneak peek look at MasterChef 2014 tonight here:

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