We will have some firsts tonight on MasterChef 2014, as the home cooks will face a Mystery Box Challenge on Master Chef 2014 that has them being able to choose between two different boxes! This is new and could bring on some new challenges for all of the home cooks on MasterChef Season 5! It all leads to an Elimination Test with stuffed pasta. Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s challenges below in our MasterChef 2014 spoilers!

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MasterChef 2014 Season 5 Spoilers - Week 10 Preview 4

For tonight’s new episode, the Top 11 on Master Chef Season 5 will be competing in another Mystery Box Challenge and Elimination Test! Here is the official synopsis from FOX:

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“In the next mystery box challenge, the remaining home cooks will be faced with a challenge unlike any other. For the first time in MASTERCHEF history, the home cooks will get to choose between two mystery boxes. One box is filled with everyday ingredients, while the second contains high-end ingredients. The winner of the mystery box challenge will not only win immunity and advance to the Top 10, but will also choose which type of stuffed pasta the remaining home cooks will create in the elimination challenge. Find out who rises to the top and who gets sent home in the all-new ‘Top 11 Compete’ episode of MASTERCHEF.”

The pressure will be on for these Top 11 home cooks and the judges are not giving them any slack! Check out some photos from the challenge here:

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Now take a sneak peek look at MasterChef 2014 tonight here:

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