Linday Lohan hosts Saturday Night Live, gets blasted by viewers for awkward performance, video below. For the majority of last week, Lohan was promoting her return to television, but unfortunately her hosting gig went south last night, as critics and viewers agreed that she bombed the show. However, sources close to Lohan told TMZ she recognized it wasn’t perfect, but was “proud” of the episode.

Lohan used her drug history and recent theft trial as material for her monologue Saturday night, which included getting frisked by Kristen Wiig and setting off an alarm when she tried to step off stage. “I thought you guys trusted me,” Lohan said. “I get the feeling everyone thinks I’m going to screw up.”

Twitter thought she screwed up…The Deadline Hollywood team tweeted, “Isn’t she supposed to be in jail instead of ‘30 Rock’?” Joan Rivers helped fuel the fire as well. “Lindsay Lohan was so bad on “SNL” that the judge is sending her back to rehab, but for acting lessons,” tweeted Rivers.

There’s no denying that Lindsay was struggling to perform last night. What did you think? Like us on Facebook by clicking here. Follow us on Twitter by clicking here.