We have a winner and it isn’t Crystal Bowersox.  Lee Dewyze won the night on American Idol and will record “Beautiful Day” as his first single.  I must say I’m happy with the results.  I know there are a lot of Crystal fans out there and you shouldn’t worry, she will record an album as well. 

Tonight was a long one for the finale and it was full of surprises.  Alice Cooper showed up to rock the house with the top 12 and Orianthi jamming on the guitar.  It is about time we got a true rocker on the show.  I mean this guy is a legend.  He was doing heavy metal before there was heavy metal lol.  His international fame spans almost 5 decades and he can still rock it.

I didn’t see the need for the Bee Gees or Hall and Oates.  I mean these guys are way past their prime and while they were awesome in their day, that day is past.  I thought Idol could have gotten some more current entertainers for Simon’s last show.

I liked Crystal with Alanis Morisette even though I see her more as a Melissa Etheridge type singer but Etheridge couldn’t perform due to a contract she signed with DWTS saying she couldn’t sing on this season of idol.  Hmmm is DWTS a little jealous or what?  I don’t see what the big deal is and why it was necessary to have her sign that kind of a contract.  Talk about going to extremes and hating another show lol.

Idol producers thought it would be something for Lee to sing a medley with Chicago since he is from Chicago and I’m sure Lee was thinking WTF after Crystal got Alanis but now he’s stuck with TPTB at least for a year.

Casey James got the best performer of the night.  He came out singing “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” and I was thinking is he about to sing with Poison without Bret or what.  I never thought Bret would be there but by God, he came out jamming and it was awesome.  I love me some Bret!  I had posters all over my room of him when I was a teenager lol.  How much better could it get to have Casey and Bret sing on stage together.  Here is the video of their song.

Even though Lee Dewyze was crowned the winner and Crystal Bowersox is the runner up, mark my words, Casey James will be the one to make it big. 

How did you like the finale tonight?