Kris Humphries ready to reveal Kim Kardashian texts and other intimate details. The war is far from over. A Humphries insider warns Kim “you’re really not in a good place. It’s only going to get worse”, the source tells If Kim wants to avoid having Kris Humphries’ lawyers subpoena her personal and possibly very intimate emails, text messages, phone calls and more, according to a new report in Life & Style magazine, she’s going to have to convince Kris to settle with her.

Kris Humphries has filed a petition for an annulment of his marriage to Kim on the basis of fraud, and he will be trying to prove that Kim induced him into a “fake” marriage, while he contends that he was marrying for love and for life. All those texts, messages and scripts will be used as evidence to support his belief that Kim merely married him for financial gain, not love and that she never intended to remain married. He also suspects that Kim was cheating on him during his engagement and marriage, allegedly with Kanye West, according to Star magazine.

“We’re almost sure she cheated on Kris while they were married,” a source close the Humphries family also confirms exclusively to Aside from the allegations made in Star magazine about Kanye West, NFL player Bret Lockett has made claims that he exchanged sexts and phone conversations with Kim for five months while she was engaged to Kris Humphries. “What I’ve said is the complete, honest truth,” he told CNN. Could even those sexts possibly be subpoenaed in court? “Everything is going to be referenced for proof of character,” the Humphries insider reports to

The prospect of having to testify in court about her marriage, her Fairytale Wedding Special, her show, Kourtney & Kim Take New York, and to have family, show producers, friends and even ex-lovers like Reggie Bush be forced to testify if making the entire Kardashian clan nervous.

Sister Khloe tweeted, “OMG won’t he just let it go!!!! God get over it and move on please….” on April 2.

“He wants Kim to admit to fraud,” the Humphries insider tells “It’s not about money for Kris. He’s not interested in a monetary settlement. He doesn’t care about that stuff. He has enough money. In fact he’s worth more money than Kim,” explains the insider. “At the end of the day he has a real job. Kim doesn’t earn as much money as you’d think. Kris lives comfortably but he’s not spending money on things that don’t matter!”

The final message to Kim from the Humphries: “Do it – make an apology and make this whole court case go away!”