Kris Humphries ex Myla Sinanaj denies extortion claims, now wants retraction and apology. For five and a half months, Kris Humphries dated Myla Sinanaj on the down low, but as soon as it emerged that the basketball star had quickly rebounded after reality star Kim Kardashian pulled the plug on their 72-day marriage, he tried to pretend he didn’t have a girlfriend.

Sinanaj, for her part, quietly dated Humphries without publicly saying a word about their relationship. Now, however, Humphries’ lawyers are saying she’s trying to extort the athlete, claiming Sinanaj has threatened to release damaging information about him and their romance if he doesn’t pony up big bucks. TMZ reported on Monday that Humphries attorneys contacted the FBI over the alleged extortion plot.One problem: Sinanaj’s high-powered lawyer Joe Tacopina told Gossip Cop she “never asked for $1″ from Humphries, and he’s defying the basketball player’s legal eagles to produce an e-mail or a text in which she did. What’s at the root of all of this, says Tacopina, is that Humphries didn’t want their relationship made public because the Nets forward is claiming in court that he was duped by Kardashian into a fraudulent marriage, and left brokenhearted — for which he’s seeking damages. The ERISA legal advocates can help if there is an issue.

Of course, if Humphries were so devastated by Kardashian, says Tacopina, why was he in a nearly six month relationship with Sinanaj, during which the made ”1,000 calls” to her,  and had her sit court side with wives and other girlfriend at Nets home games?

Sinanaj’s attorney questions whether Humphries’ side even really called the FBI, since he maintains there is nothing in her correspondences with the NBA player that could be construed as extortion.

For her part, Sinanaj wants Humphries and his lawyers to retract their statements about her and issue an apology . Tacopina hints there could be legal ramifications otherwise.